7 Steps to overcome fear of judgment in business


Overcome fear of judgement and shine the light on your business

So…you’ve started a business, the products are all sorted, the website is up and running and now it’s time to promote your business. You find yourself procrastinating, avoiding networking opportunities, and responding slowly to leads. You see everyone else out there hustling but you just can’t seem to find the courage to shine the light on your business like they do. What’s stopping you is the need to overcome fear of judgment.

When I was eighteen I started my second successful business which was an introduction agency. I wanted to help genuinely shy and busy people to connect with each other and find true love. Initially, I was too afraid to tell people what I was doing for fear of their judgments and it limited my success, but once I was able to overcome that, my business flourished with several weddings, engagements and successful relationships along with having one of the largest databases in the country. Here’s what I did to overcame fear of judgment and shine the light on my business:

How to overcome fear of judgment

1.Connect with your why

Your why is powerful, authentic and comes from the heart. If you are doing something different, doing something well, making a difference or shaking things up in an industry then you are going to be judged. When I started the introduction agency most of my friends didn’t understand what it was that I was doing. Some even thought I had a business in the red light industry! But by focusing on my why I found it easier to not care so much about what others thought. It also became easier to share my why with others, which in turn promoted the business.

2.Don’t believe the monkey

We are often our own worst enemies. I used to think that people wouldn’t take me seriously because “what would an eighteen-year-old know about love?” My fear monkey had me convinced I couldn’t be a success. The truth and reality was that I was solving a problem for my clients so they didn’t care how old I was, they just wanted a solution. So, if the negative monkey on your shoulder is making up things in your ear, combat that chatter with facts and the truth.

3.Focus on the positive

As humans, we have a tendency to focus on the five percent of negative people or statements we receive, rather than the ninety-five percent of positive ones we receive. I recommend choosing to focus on the positive only. Don’t ignore any constructive feedback, listen and decide if there is anything from it you need to improve on and then shred it, bin it, delete it and focus on those you are here to serve.

4.Stop judging others

If you are afraid of being judged by others then chances are you might be being a little judgmental yourself in some way(s). Pro-actively make the effort to put yourself in their shoes and have empathy for their situation. By becoming kinder and more understanding of others, and choosing to see the best in people, you will soon find you are less concerned about the judgments of others.

5.No comparing

When we compare ourselves to others we then become concerned other people will judge us for what we believe we aren’t good at. Regardless of whether you are in a common industry or not, the way you do business is unique to you. Therefore, comparing yourself to anyone else is ridiculous as no two people are the same. We all have different strengths, ideas, and past experiences. So, by focusing on your own strengths there will be no room for worrying about judgment.

6.Do it your way

You don’t have to be outspoken, loud, outrageous or outwardly courageous to shine the light on your business. There are lots of different ways to do that these days and the more important thing is to do it your way so that it is authentic and real. You may want to do videos to promote your business but the thought of talking into a camera creates sweaty palms and anxiety but you love interviewing other people. So instead, set up the camera and invite people to be interviewed by you and record that. Or forget video altogether and focus on blogging if that is what you are good at. Regardless of what you choose to do, by ignoring the fear of judgment and doing it your way, you will succeed.

7.It’s never about you

Whenever someone judges you it says more about them than it does about you. It usually comes from their own insecurities, jealousy or where they believe they are inadequate. So rest comfortably in the knowledge that any judgment you receive is never really about you at all. Don’t judge the person for the emotions and behaviour they are expressing. Just stand tall in the confidence it isn’t about you and see them with kindness and empathy.

The fear of judgment can only effect the success of your business if you let it.

Ultimately it’s a choice as to whether or not you let that fear hold you back. Use these seven steps to overcome fear of judgment and you will easily find the courage to shine the light on your business and reap the rewards. Let me know how you go in the comments below.

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