7 Ways to Manifest More Money in Your Business this year

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Who here wants to make this year their best year yet financially? I heard you say yes! So here it is. Here are 7 ways to manifest more money in your business and smash your goals out of the water.

It’s true, there are countless ways to manifest more money in your business. The trick is to find the methods that work best with your core belief system, values, and personality.

You could increase your prices, create that course you’ve been thinking about, or set up that funnel you know you should have, or maybe it’s a membership you want to do. The key is, they will ALL work and are ALL practical ways to manifest more money in your business this year. But…

Spoiler alert…none of them will work if you don’t have your head screwed on right. What I mean by this is, you have to have the right mindset to begin with. That’s why the following ways of manifesting more money are based around getting your mind on the right track, how to do that, and some tools to help you get there.

OK let’s go…Here are my 7 ways to manifest more money in your business this year.

1. Acknowledge your fears & embrace the power of choice

You have the power to manifest anything you want. (Say that out loud repeatedly every day). This is true because we all have a ‘choice’. Yes, even when we think we don’t have a choice, we always do, we just might not like the consequences of those choices.

Choice really is your biggest gift. You can choose to focus on doubling your income. Or you can choose to listen to your fears that tell you that you can’t. You can choose to add passive income to your money manifesting strategy. Or you can choose to not add anything at all. You can choose to put up with a miserable, soul-sucking client. Or you can ‘fire’ them and free yourself up for a new client who is delightful to work with.

If you can see choice as neither good nor bad, then it’s easier to decide to make choices that empower us and move us forward rather than choices based on our doubts and fears.

To do this you need to first acknowledge your fears. To see them as the signposts and lessons that they are. Allow them to show you what you are afraid of so you can be better prepared.

It’s not about denying your fears and just ‘acting positive’. I’m not saying to yell ‘I open myself to the abundance around me’ when you’ve just lost your biggest client. That won’t work because your gut will tell you fiercely that you’re being delusional.

There’s an ancient Oriental proverb that says, “my enemy is my teacher”. Adopt that approach to fear. Use it as a learning tool and a motivator, and let it empower you to make better choices.

Facing your fears is about acknowledging them, but not being derailed by them. They can teach you that you have the power to deal with anything, rise above it and meet your goals. And only you have the power to choose the life you’ve always wanted.

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2. Be specific but leave wriggle room too

This one might seem like a no brainer, and I wasn’t going to include it but it’s also one of the most important things to remember when manifesting, so here it is.

Be specific with what you want, dive deep into the details. Set a specific deadline for a step or goal to be completed by; tell the Universe you want a brand-new car this time not just new to you; write down the specific type of VA you want to take care of specific needs.

Bringing clarity to your goals and dreams will manifest them faster. But it does come with a caveat. When setting up goals and planning how to attain them, be careful your thinking isn’t too rigid. Otherwise, you aren’t leaving enough wriggle room for the Universe to surprise you.

So…By all means, have a specific intent, but allow the Universe to deliver what you need in its own unique way. You’ll often find what shows up is even better, bigger, and more generous than you could have imagined.

3. Lift your vibration and release any blocks

What often stops manifesting from working is our inner blocks. We all have them and it’s a matter of recognizing them and then working through them. Otherwise, all the manifesting in the world isn’t going to bring you what you want because your blocks will stop it from happening.

Two powerful ways for clearing blockages from your body and mind are meditation and daily movement. (Notice I didn’t say exercise!). I also recommend adding some form of specific hands-on healing to release those deep-set stubborn blocks that are sitting deep within us.

Even if it’s just five minutes a day, create a favourite playlist and break out into dancing in the loungeroom. Download and do a guided meditation, go for a walk walking, take up yoga or Pilates. These can all help to lift your spirits and your vibration.

Booking an EFT, Reiki, Qigong, Crystal healing, sound therapy or crystal healing session can release those physical and energy blockages too, some as deep-seated as childhood and many of which we’re not even aware of.

I’ve created a special visualization technique to help lift your vibration and release blocks. It’s free, click here to access it.

4. Clean up your mind, emotions, and words

If you want change to happen, you have to make room for it. I’m not just talking about decluttering your clothes, furniture or even your old car (although it’s good to do these things too) I’m talking about your inner space.

Let go of everything that no longer serves you. Think about what habits are slowing you down. What old beliefs are you holding onto that don’t align with your current dreams and goals? Thank them and then give them permission to leave to make space for your new habits and beliefs.

Clean up your thoughts and words too. What you tell yourself becomes a reality. Negative thoughts like ‘I’m doomed to be poor’ or ‘I’ll never be wealthy’ will end up blocking abundance at every turn.

Eliminate using words that dis-empower you such as ‘someday’ or ‘in the future’ and instead use these two positive reinforcing words ‘I am…’. For example, “I am taking my family to [insert luxury destination] for the month of July this year”. By making a clear commitment, your sub-conscious will find all sorts of ways to make your goal a reality.

What you’re doing when you de-clutter your mind, emotions and words is letting the Universe know you are ready for better things. You’re literally making room for the abundance to come into your life.

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5. Have fun with money and share your dreams and goals

It’s a cultural thing in a lot of countries to not talk about money or it’s discussed super seriously. Yes, the reality is, we all want to at least be comfortable and to provide for our family and to do that we need to earn a living for a large majority of our lives.

So…when it comes to manifesting more money, I recommend doing it differently. Have fun with it, talk about it with people you feel you can trust. Share your thoughts, dreams and goals. This helps manifest more money in two ways.

By keeping it all hush-hush it’s like you’re not really sure about. You’re saying to the Universe, ‘I’m not sure if I deserve it’. Or you’re not sure you can do it. Announce it and it will contribute to you manifesting it.

Sometimes, by taking it out of your head and putting it into words you’ll gain more clarity and the person you share it with just might provide an unexpected key piece of your puzzle, or in the very least encourage you and cheer you on.

Having fun with becoming wealthy opens your creative and spiritual side which are essential to prolific manifesting. It takes away the negative power money sometimes has over us that can paralyze and block the attraction of abundance to us.

Buy the next person in line’s coffee. Donate to your favourite charity. Take a surprise weekend away. Book a spa appointment. Take a day off and go to the beach. Buy your mum a bunch of roses ‘just because’. Whatever ‘having fun’ means to you, big or small, make sure you integrate this as part of your strategy to manifest more money in your business this year.

6. Invest in yourself to manifest more money

When things are really tight, there’s a natural human tendency to fall into fear and self-doubt and focus on the big hole in the boat. This leads to lowered vibrations and sometimes those fears can even paralyze us. We tend to tighten the belt even more and this limits our opportunities and ability to attract abundance.

It’s important that we continue to take small consistent action to move us forward towards our goals but if you really want to put a rocket into your manifesting, step outside your comfort zone and take the odd (calculated) giant step.

Invest in that course you know is going to take your business to the next level instead of taking so much time devouring just their free stuff. Purchase that Mastermind weekend or hire that coach you’ve been admiring for years. Buy the fastest computer or best piece of software that’s going to save you a bucket load of time.

Don’t keep buying the ‘economy versions’. Often this will slow down your success. From time to time, give yourself permission to invest in what’s going to project you forward.

This not only will enable you to bring in more money faster but it also raises your vibration and signals to the Universe that you trust the results will come.

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7. Take action to manifest more money

Wishing you had more money not manifesting more money. It’s just called ‘day-dreaming’. Having the right mindset, investing in yourself, clarifying and sharing your goals are all part of the right strategy. But unless you take action, you’ll never make it past the starting line.

One of the traps we’re all capable of falling into is ‘waiting for permission’ to take action. Whether that’s waiting for a sign from the Universe, waiting for confirmation from our audience, or waiting for approval from our spouse, the reality is you don’t need signs that you ‘deserve’ it to be able to manifest more money. You just need to take action.

Write yourself this note right now; “I hereby grant [Your Name] full permission to become wealthy and financially free and to start receiving abundance in all areas of her life.”

This may seem super simple but it’s often the simplest of solutions that can bring us the most success. And you definitely deserve success but until you take these steps above, you’ll remain exactly where you are.

Tony Robbins has said for many years that once you make a decision, to cement that into your being you must take one immediate action towards making it a reality. So, what action will you take today to signal to the Universe you are serious about manifesting more money this year?

To help you take this first step I’ve created a 90 Day Goal Achiever Planner. Download it for free below and get started on mapping out your goals and dreams and manifesting them into reality.

I wish you all the very best in your manifesting goals and remember that feeling is not doing so go download the Goal Achiever Planner and make this year your best year yet!

With love always,

Tegan x

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