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I BELIEVE... Your past does not have to dictate your future.

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I Believe...

Like most people, the driving force for why I do things is because I want to make a difference in someone else’s life. I want to make their journey a little easier by providing the inspirational role models I never had. I want to share with them what I have learned in business so they don’t have to go through the painful lesson themselves and can get ahead sooner. I want to be a shining example of what’s possible if you have the courage to take the steps and love and believe in yourself.  

I firmly believe that we are placed on this earth with a purpose. A mission. A unique job that only we can do and everything that happens in our lives is part of a larger plan. Because of this belief, I have no doubts that my childhood and life experiences are what has made me the person I am today.

My Journey...

I was born without my mother ever having the opportunity to hold me in her arms because that was what happened in the 70’s when you put your child up for adoption. She thought she was giving me a better life than what she could provide (remember things were very different then, with little or no support for single mothers). Unfortunately, after six weeks in hospital, I was adopted by two people who weren’t fit to be parents. They were never tested, checked on, or followed up.

From the age of five or six I endured abuse of all forms, physical, verbal, emotional and sexual, until I finally escaped and became a ward of the state. This was short lived as the system was (and still is) overloaded. So, I decided I could do a better job by myself, and so I did. Putting myself through the remainder of school and then going on to start and run several businesses, together with numerous stints in the corporate world, I have had a full and adventurous life.

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My Passions...

Having always had a passion for living life to the fullest (let’s be honest, I never thought I would make it past twenty-one!) I have had, and often sought out, unique and varied experiences. This has meant I have numerous things I am passionate about. Here are just a few (in no particular order):

  • Dogs and keeping them happy, healthy and safe (they are, after all, the best type of humans!)
  • Traveling and experiencing different cultures, foods and languages.
  • Discovering a problem and creating a business to solve it, together with sharing what I have learnt along the way.
  • Raising the awareness and discussion of sexual abuse in society to reduce the stigma that causes unnecessary guilt and shame for victims and provides a safety net for perpetrators.
  • Facing my own fears and constantly stretching my own comfort zone together with helping others to do the same.
  • Living, loving and giving to the best of my ability, every day!
  • Being the best wife, friend, daughter, sister, mentor and person I can be.

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