Are you afraid to share your wins for fear of judgment?

Facing Fears Blog - Are you afraid to share your wins - written by Tegan Mathews

Who else here is afraid to not only celebrate their achievements but also afraid to share your wins with your followers for fear of judgment? In this blog I’m going to explore this fear further, how to overcome it, and provide the list of benefits you can receive from sharing your wins.

Recently I was on a call with my awesome accountability buddy and we were going through the process of preparing for setting our goals and action plan for 2018. Part of that process is sharing and celebrating our achievements for the year and looking at what worked (and what didn’t) so we can do more of the stuff that worked in the coming year and learn from what didn’t.

She shared how much she had achieved and I was blown away. Even though I am her accountability buddy I hadn’t realised the list was so epic. Instantly it inspired me into action, I thought, if she can do that, with the challenges she has had, then I can surely do xyz. And I immediately added more into my plan.

Then I asked ”Have you shared this with your followers on Facebook?” An eery silence followed.

Why people are afraid to share their wins

She then bravely shared the reasons why she hadn’t –

  • It wasn’t her style to boast
  • She didn’t think there was any benefit to sharing
  • She didn’t want to seem egotistical

I get it – I really do – There is the fear of judgement. We both grew up in Australia which is a country renowned for its tall poppy syndrome. We’ve been conditioned to believe that you shouldn’t share your achievements and I’ve experienced first hand, the result of someone else’s jealous behaviour when they publicly attacked my business and tried to “bring me down to size” because of my success.

Even now, I still face fears and understand how scary it can be to put yourself “out there”. I have recently made a commitment to do Facebook lives regularly and it scares the beegeebies out of me. But I do it, because something I say or do just might be the one thing someone needs to make that decision to walk away, speak up, or be more fearless and change their life.

Now I am not going to be naïve here. The reality is, there might be one person who is just unhappy with their own life and gets triggered by your success, or another person who is just out to make other people’s lives difficult. But the beauty of social media is you can delete them, unfriend them, or just plain ignore them!

How to face being afraid to share your wins

So, instead of focusing on those two people, let’s focus on what the benefits are for the rest of your followers. Here is a different way of looking at sharing your wins:

  • You have worked hard to achieve your success so you deserve to celebrate
  • By acknowledging your wins you attract more into your life
  • Sharing your achievements can inspire others to achieve more
  • In a world full of fake or staged posts, seeing someone’s real results is refreshing
  • AND if you are in an industry where you are supporting others to achieve greatness then it’s important for them to see that you walk your talk and achieve results too.

Sharing my wins for this year so far

There are so many benefits to celebrating and sharing your wins. So…in light of all of those reasons, here are some of my achievements for this year:

  • Travelled to 13 different countries
  • Quit sugar and haven’t touched it since
  • Lost 10 kilos in a healthy way
  • Won an award for public speaking
  • Faced a gazillion fears
  • Penned my second book
  • Met two more of my sisters
  • Started a new business partnership
  • Tripled the income of one of my businesses
  • Created programs, products and solutions galore
  • Fell more in love with me, my life and my future husband

I encourage you to face your fear of sharing your wins and post your success stories more often. Not only is it good for you but it could also make a difference in someone else’s life too.

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