What to do BEFORE buying a house in Italy

Before buying a house in Italy blog header image of Santa Maria Delle Grazie church in Galatina

Before making an investment in anything it’s important to do your due diligence. Which, in this case, is researching and understanding the Italian property market. Here’s my list of what I researched, how I did it and where I got my information from. All very important before buying a house in Italy. If you’re like…

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11 Signs you need a new adventure this year

11 Signs You Need A New Adventure This Year Header

As humans, we have an innate need for certainty but also equally we have a need for new stimuli that gives us variety. In fact, these are two of the six human needs according to Tony Robbins. So, do you have enough uncertainty in your life or do you need a new adventure this year?…

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The invisible injury

The Invisible Injury Header

When someone has an accident and loses a limb or is visibly scarred their injury is one they will carry for the rest of their lives and it is an injury that is obvious to the world. When they meet someone there is empathy for their struggles. They didn’t have a choice in what happened…

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Surrender and let go to grow

Surrender And Let Go To Grow Header

It’s natural to build walls around our hearts and souls to protect us as we navigate through life’s adventures and challenges. It’s natural but it doesn’t always serve us. In the height of the moment it is definitely necessary but to really experience all there is to this life we must surrender and let go…

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Let’s make plans as if it will be alright

Make Plans As If It Will Be Alright Header

There’s an undeniable current of fear that has us all frozen. We can’t run. We can’t fight. So, we are stuck in no mans land. But what would happen if we started to make plans as if it will be alright? The curse of fear When talking to clients, friends and family of late I…

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How traveling saved me from Coronavirus

Sunset Image For Travelling Saved Me From Coronavirus Blog By Tegan For Courage To Travel Header

The main image for this blogpost is the current view from our balcony during the lockdown. I don’t share it to gloat. Far from it. I share it to show you what’s possible. And because as we sit here looking out at the Caribbean ocean I’ve suddenly realized all the ways that traveling saved me…

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Staying positive during Coronavirus

Staying Positive During Coronavirus Header

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of all the doom and gloom. So, I thought I would put together some tips on staying positive during Coronavirus. None of these are groundbreaking, revolutionary or new but sometimes when you are under the control of your fears you forget the basics. Sometimes when…

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Dont wait until it’s too late

Hero Image For Courage To Travel Blog On Dont Wait Until Its Too Late To Travel By Tegan Marshall 1024x683

Dont wait until it’s too late to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. No matter how ‘out of the box’ it may seem. Bronnie Ware, an Australian hospice nurse wrote a book about the “Top Five Regrets of the Dying” based on her experience of asking her patients. Number one was “I wish I’d…

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Being adventurous doesn’t mean adrenalin junkie

Tegan Marshall In Bangkok Highest Building With Glass Floor For Courage To Travel Scaled

Being adventurous doesn’t mean adrenalin junkie. It can mean just doing things differently than you normally would. Stepping into the unfamiliar is still being adventurous. So, just because you didn’t jump out of a plane last week, doesn’t mean you don’t have an adventurous spirit. The same goes for travelling. Being adventurous when you are…

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Don’t let your past define your future

Tegan Marshall Blog Post On Not Letting Your Past Define Your Future Scaled

Don’t let your past define your future… I definitely had emotionally abusive adoptive parents (thankfully my real parents that I reconnected with later in life are truly awesome!). I don’t need this article in Goalcast on 6 Signs you had an emotionally abusive parent to work that out.   In fact, my adoptive parents did all of…

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