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Summer Streets In The Medieval Tuscan Town.

Why I chose to remote purchase a house in Italy

By Tegan Marshall | November 8, 2021
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I had a dream to live in Italy for at least part of the summer each year. Sleeping in a historic home, zooming around via scooter, and drinking Aperitivo’s in the afternoons as I watch the sun slowly setting over vineyards, olive trees or basilicas. I’m now making this dream come true! And this is…

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Facing Fears Blog - Turning fear into marshmallows

Turning fear into marshmallows – technique

In this post you are going to learn the technique of turning fear into marshmallows and reducing the effect your…

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How to eat an elephant

How to eat an elephant – fearlessly

You may or may not be familiar with the saying “ How to eat an elephant? One piece at a…

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get back to the game

Name, shame and get back to the game!

In the pace of our busy lives, fear has the added advantage of time, or lack thereof in fact. Because…

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