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Summer Streets In The Medieval Tuscan Town.

Why I chose to remote purchase a house in Italy

By Tegan Marshall | November 8, 2021
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I had a dream to live in Italy for at least part of the summer each year. Sleeping in a historic home, zooming around via scooter, and drinking Aperitivo’s in the afternoons as I watch the sun slowly setting over vineyards, olive trees or basilicas. I’m now making this dream come true! And this is…

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Tegan Marshall Blog Post On Best Business Habits For Success Main Image Of Tegan In Montenegro

These 21 business habits changed my life

These 21 business habits I am about to share with you, combined with learning to love and accept myself fully,…

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Stress Free Christmas Is Possible With These Five Tips By Tegan Marshall

How to have a stress-free Christmas

Christmas time can be a hugely stressful and overwhelming experience for most families. The budget usually blows out, the credit…

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Facing Fears Blog On How I Learned The Art Of Self Love By Tegan Marshall

How I learned the art of self-love

Had enough of all the positive memes on your FB feed that keep telling you the answer to all your…

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Wandering Wedding Dress In Tuscany Blog Post By Tegan Marshall

Wandering Wedding Dress in Tuscany

Tuscany was an unexpected surprise for us to visit. Having been before many years ago when I was single I…

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Tegan Marshall Wandering Wedding Dress Chiang Mai Thailand Main Image At Temple

Wandering Wedding Dress in Chiang Mai

Thailand is one of our favourite countries to visit, hence why it had to be part of our honeymoon year…

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The Wandering Wedding Dress Tegan Marshall Is In Schliersee Bavaria Germany

Wandering Wedding Dress in Bavaria

I chose to have the wandering wedding dress in Bavaria Germany because in 2017 we visited this area for the…

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Wandering Wedding Dress Diary Wedding Dress Shopping Experiences By Tegan Marshall

Wedding dress shopping experiences

The week after my first wedding dress shopping experience with my bridesmaids, my fiancé and I began our next year…

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Tegan Marshall Wandering Wedding Dress Blog Finding The Perfect Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress

It was more than a year since becoming engaged when we finally decided to set a date. We had been…

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Tegan Marshall Wandering Wedding Dress Proposal

My journey to becoming engaged

At the ripe old age of forty-five, I had pretty much given up on the whole idea of becoming engaged.…

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How to avoid shiny object syndrome effecting your business

Are you suffering from shiny object syndrome? Do you get easily distracted by the “next big thing” and never seem to finish anything? Are…

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