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(eBook 40 pages)

Have you ever wondered how 'those other women' do it?

How they seem to always be brave enough to put themselves forward for everything?

Do you wish you had the courage to do that video, that talk, or tell that person you love them?

In Courage to be Brave you will discover what it is that stops you from being brave. You'll uncover the secret to what's holding you back from being the "courageous you" that you were born to be.

I'll share my super simple five-step Creating Courage system you can use any time you need to 'get your brave on' and overcome what's been stopping you from having courage in the past. It's worked for me, my clients and it can work for you too.

Break free from your limitations. Fly free with the freedom from your fears and discover the courage to be brave.

Total of 40 pages and 11,000+ words you can read this e-book in a lunch break and be implementing the steps by this afternoon.

You were born to be courageous, you have what it takes. Courage to be brave will give you that missing piece of knowledge for you to be as brave as you've always wanted to be.

Here's what's inside:

  • What stops you from being courageous
  • How to use fear to build your courage muscle
  • The benefits that having courage can give you
  • The 5-step Creating Courage system
  • Tips on mastering your Fear Monkey


(Hardcover & eBook 290 pages)

This candid true story of overcoming adversity, enormous tenacity and sheer courage will inspire you to face your own fears and create the freedom you've always strived for.

Discover how to recognise, understand and master that voice that says 'you cant' or 'you shouldn't' or fills your head with negative "What if's".

Uncover the hidden secrets to more confidence, courage and a greater connection with your true self.

Each chapter is divided into three parts. The first is Tegan's personal and harrowing true story, the second is the lessons she has learned as she overcame childhood sexual abuse, bullying, loneliness, rape, and suicide. The third is a selection of powerful and practical exercises to enable you to:

  • Believe that you are enough
  • Have the courage to put you first
  • Love and accept your unique gifts
  • Be brave enough to take the next step
  • Speak up confidently for what you want
  • Stop hiding the real you behind the mask

andrew-1 “This is a book that can change your life in so many ways. An offer made by many books, but rarely delivered. It will be confronting, sad, wonderful and hugely inspiring at the same time.”
Andrew Griffiths
International bestselling author, speaker and mentor. 

Read this incredible true story and be inspired to face your own fears

About the Author Tegan Marshall

about tegan mathews (now tegan marshall)

Tegan Marshall (formerly Tegan Mathews) found the courage as a teenager to walk away from her adoptive family after enduring many years of sexual abuse.

On top of that she's overcome bullying, loneliness, suicide, rape and much more as she navigated through life. And she's had businesses both fail and succeed beyond her dreams as well as an impressive corporate career.

Throughout her journey, Tegan has always found a way to thrive despite where she started and loves nothing more than inspiring others to do the same.

Now a successful businesswoman, with a loving husband and an inspiring lifestyle of permanent travel, she shares what she has learned, in the hope of motivating others to not hide in the shadows of their fears.