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11 Signs You Need A New Adventure This Year Header

11 Signs you need a new adventure this year

By Tegan Marshall | December 31, 2020
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As humans, we have an innate need for certainty but also equally we have a need for new stimuli that gives us variety. In fact, these are two of the six human needs according to Tony Robbins. So, do you have enough uncertainty in your life or do you need a new adventure this year?…

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The Invisible Injury Header

The invisible injury

When someone has an accident and loses a limb or is visibly scarred their injury is one they will carry…

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Surrender And Let Go To Grow Header

Surrender and let go to grow

It’s natural to build walls around our hearts and souls to protect us as we navigate through life’s adventures and…

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Make Plans As If It Will Be Alright Header

Let’s make plans as if it will be alright

There’s an undeniable current of fear that has us all frozen. We can’t run. We can’t fight. So, we are…

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Sunset Image For Travelling Saved Me From Coronavirus Blog By Tegan For Courage To Travel Header

How traveling saved me from Coronavirus

The main image for this blogpost is the current view from our balcony during the lockdown. I don’t share it…

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Staying Positive During Coronavirus Header

Staying positive during Coronavirus

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of all the doom and gloom. So, I thought I…

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7 Reasons Why We Recommend You Dont Rush Your Travels Header

7 Reasons why we recommend you don’t rush your travels

Dont rush your travels. In our experience, it’s much better to spend longer in fewer destinations than it is to…

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Dont wait until it’s too late

Dont wait until it’s too late to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. No matter how ‘out of the…

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Being adventurous doesn’t mean adrenalin junkie

Being adventurous doesn’t mean adrenalin junkie. It can mean just doing things differently than you normally would. Stepping into the…

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Tegan Marshall Blog Post On Not Letting Your Past Define Your Future Scaled

Don’t let your past define your future

Don’t let your past define your future… I definitely had emotionally abusive adoptive parents (thankfully my real parents that I…

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Travel exercises with water weights

Exercising when travelling full-time can be a bit of a challenge. Sure, you can do bodyweight exercises for a while,…

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