Day 2 of 365 Acts of Courage and Kindness

How to feel safe and banish the illusion of security

365 acts of courage and kindness

Day two of 365 acts of courage and kindness

So here I am at the end of day two and I have just completed my second act of courage in this challenge. Woohoo! Was it scary? Yes. Did I procrastinate doing it? Yes (it is currently 11.15pm!) But now that I have done it, besides the feeling of relief, I actually feel so much lighter. Almost an elevated feeling of pure inner joy. I love it. So, what was my act of courage for today?

I am in the process of rebranding and I just hit send on a request for feedback in a group who I know will be honest with me but I am afraid of what they might say. I asked for feedback on my new ideas for my branding and I am afraid of judgement because I am supposed to be a marketing expert. I am also afraid they will tell me to throw out my current logo, which I actually really like, or change the name of my business, which I actually love because it resonates with me so much, or laugh at my crazy idea to do with angel wings and fairy dust (yep, I am serious!).

Do their opinions matter? Actually, they do because they have all made a commitment to provide honest and caring support to enable each member of the group to fly (succeed) and some members of the group are already achieving what I want to, so yes, their opinions do matter.

Will I take it personally? I will do my best not to because I know their hearts are pure and their intentions are good and it isn’t about me personally, it’s about what’s best going to serve me and my business to take it to the next level. I will remember that I am not my business and therefore it’s not personal.

So, I have put it out there and we will see what comes back. You will see the results on the website over the coming weeks.

I also completed an act of kindness today where I offered my support to a friend of a friend who has been given my book but missed out on meeting me when I was in the country. I have agreed to do a Skype meeting instead and I will give her everything I can to support her to find the courage that lays within her.

That’s it for my second day…I am going to celebrate how easy it was (once I clicked send on the feedback request that is) because I know there are going to be days when it’s super, super difficult and I look forward to those too.

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