Day 3 of 365 Acts of Courage and Kindness

How to feel safe and banish the illusion of security

365 acts of courage and kindness

Day Three of 365 Acts of Courage and Kindness

I woke up this morning to the most wonderful responses about my new branding ideas. They were all positive, encouraging and constructive. So really, what was I worried about?! But this is what fear does. When fear is in control it fills my head with ‘false evidence appearing real’ and has me worrying unnecessarily about things that more than likely, will never happen.

I also am so grateful. Being able to ask for advice is such a valuable gift when you are in business and I am blessed with wonderful friends, coaches, and mentors who support me on this journey. I used to always try to do it all myself, after having to be that way from such a young age, but it is so much more enjoyable to have people around you who have your back, and it makes life that little bit easier.

So, my act of courage for today is to engage two professionals to carry the branding job through to completion. One is to do the new logo and the other is to create my ‘wings’ image. This may seem like just ‘something that has to be done’ to some people but for others, this can be a scary experience. Engaging someone to complete a task that is so important to you can be daunting.

It can trigger all kinds of fears with the biggest one being the fear of being taken advantage of, which no one likes to experience and we all try to avoid. Fear might convince you that you are going to be charged too much, or they won’t do a good job, or they won’t do it how you like it and then that might mean a confrontation. All of these things can swirl around in your mind or may even be in your subconscious.

To overcome these fears requires a certain amount of trust. You can also avoid some of these potential pitfalls by preparing. I chose an artist for the wings that I am familiar with and who is spiritual as well so she would grasp the energy behind the brand. I did the same for the logo designer. I chose a designer who’s work I was familiar with and I liked her style.

The reality is, you can do as much preparation and research as possible and still get it wrong so, like anything worth doing, you then have to take that leap of faith and trust that it will work out, and that’s what I did today by sending off the briefs. If it doesn’t work out exactly how I want it to, it will be a lesson and at least I will be one step closer.

For my act of kindness for today, I offered a friend of a friend the opportunity to have a coaching session with me. I don’t do a lot of one to one coaching these days as I prefer to work with groups and my time is so limited but it felt right and it felt needed so that’s what I did.

She is someone who I believe is ready to change and is committed to doing the work to make it happen. The reality is though, whether she does or not is entirely up to her, my part is simply to offer the act of kindness without any expectation.

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