7 Reasons why we recommend you don’t rush your travels

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Dont rush your travels. In our experience, it’s much better to spend longer in fewer destinations than it is to try and squeeze too much in and be moving all the time. This makes your lifestyle of travel more sustainable too.

When we are younger, and I see this a lot in the Instagram era, it’s almost like it’s a competition to see who can do a selfie in the most locations and countries. And I’ll admit, if I was my younger self now, I would probably be doing the same thing.

But the beauty of maturing in life is we get to choose what we want to do. This includes the pace at which you wish to travel and how long you want to stay in each location. If you really love packing up your suitcases and moving every couple of weeks then go for it. It’s not our preference though.

We prefer to take our time and only move a few times each year. We don’t care how many places we get to visit because we know that each one is more than we would have seen if we had stayed where we were back home. Here are some of the other reasons we recommend you don’t rush your travels:

By Taking Less Flights And Not Rushing Your Travels You Save Money Scaled
By Taking Less Flights And Not Rushing Your Travels You Save Money

It’s cheaper if you dont rush your travels

It’s not really rocket science, to work out that the fewer locations you want to go to, the cheaper it is going to be for flights and/or transport. It’s also less taxi’s and fewer airport hotels too (we recommend staying in the airport the night before which reduces travel anxiety and stress the next day).

At the beginning of each year, we choose which countries we want to visit for that year and we usually limit it to five. Then we plan the flights out and put a watch on the flights we need. When the prices drop, we grab the good deals, which ends up saving us even more.

If we were always hopping from one place to the next, we wouldn’t have the luxury of being able to wait for the right priced flights. In fact, it would almost be a full-time job just booking everything. So, dont rush your travels not only saves money, but time as well.

Laptop At Airport For Courage To Travel Blog About Rushing Travel Scaled
You can’t always rely on airport wifi working or being available

Better for your business

It’s very easy in the beginning to think that changing location isn’t going to effect your business and income. You quickly realise that there are just too many things that are out of your control and could go wrong.

Such as terrible or none at all, airport or hotel wifi, traffic jams, delayed or cancelled flights, rental car issues. Heck, we have even lost days at a time just because of severe jetlag. A whole week gone when Clark caught a virus on a flight.

These are the things that can happen when you are actually doing the traveling part and changing locations. Which can make it difficult to meet client or business deadlines. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to get anything done when we are in transit and it’s better just to surrender and enjoy the moment instead. So, dont rush your travels and your business will thank you for it.

Tegan Marshall Exercising In Mexico For Courage To Travel Rt Scaled
If you dont rush your travels you can create an exercise routine

Easier to create routines

Whether it’s fitness or business, having a daily, weekly and monthly routine makes it easier to succeed and reach your goals. Having a routine has been proven by many a professor as being a human trait of the more successful amongst us.

It’s almost impossible to create and sustain a routine though if both your home and work environments are constantly changing. This is why we recommend you don’t rush your travels and stay in the one location for at least a month or more. You then get to create routines that can have a positive influence on both your fitness and your business.

If You Dont Rush Your Travels You Can Make More Friends Scaled
If You Dont Rush Your Travels You Can Make More Friends

Better for developing friendships

One of the biggest challenges with living a full-time travel lifestyle is creating new friendships and continuing to grow already established friendships. As human beings we have a core need to connect with other human beings. Even the introverts like my husband.

When you aren’t in a location for very long it limits the opportunities to meet new people as well as to then develop any new friendships you might start. It also limits the opportunity for your old friends (if they travel) to connect with you too.

We’ve met lots of our friends from back home who were holidaying in different places throughout the world. This was only made possible because we were in a country for a reasonable amount of time. It gave us the flexibility to be able to zip over to a nearby country or city to see them.

Experiencing Culture Of Bali For Courage To Travel Scaled
Experience and connect more with the culture when you take your time

Gives you time to soak up the culture

Unlike our younger counterparts, we aren’t interested in seeing a site or landmark just so that we can take a selfie for Instagram (not that there’s anything wrong with that). We want to have a deeper experience and take the time to learn about the history of the site.

We like to attempt to learn the local language, understand the local customs, and do our best to get a grasp on what it might be like to live there as an ex-pat. This is because we love learning about different people and countries but also because our goal is to find our top five ultimate destinations to own property and eventually live.

By taking your time, it also gives you the opportunity to see what’s down that little side street. To capture forever, those special moments when you witness the immense beauty of life, our planet, and the people in it.

Like the old woman wanting to sell you her flowers at the local markets, or the little girl playing in the street, or the old man contemplating life on the river’s edge.

These are the moments you get to experience if you dont rush your travels. The moments that make you reflect on your own life and who you are, and can ultimately change you forever.

It’s more sustainable long-term

Regardless of how young or old you are, don’t rush your travels is sound advice because it’s just not sustainable long-term. You may be able to zip around everywhere, changing your home every few days or weeks.

Eventually, though, you are going to want to slow it down and become a little more grounded. I have seen this time and again of the travellers I have been following for the past five years now. Energetically they become drained. The women more so than the men.

By not rushing around so much they have more time to work out what it is they really want to get out of their traveling experience. Determine even more so, what’s important to them. And get to have a completely different and deeper connection to the places and people they visit.

Better for the environment

You may have noticed our planet is in really bad shape. We have been draining her of her resources for way too long without replenishing what we have been taking and it’s taking its toll. Not to mention the effects our modern-day living is causing to the ozone layer.

By changing your locations less frequently you can have a more positive impact on mother nature and the world itself. There’s your carbon footprint savings you will be able to populate. You may choose a different means of transport even and reduce that impact even more.

While spending more time in one location you may choose to volunteer at a shelter or community organisation or school. This won’t necessarily reduce your carbon footprint but it will have a positive impact on the world as a whole.

Scooter Traveling In Amed Bali With Mt Agung In Background For Courage To Travel Blog Post Scaled
Don’t rush your travels and you get to take in more of mother nature

Dont rush your travels

So, there you have seven reasons why we recommend you don’t rush your travels. I’ll admit, initially, we got caught up in the excitement of seeing the world and we didn’t travel this way.

Now, many years later, we have learned that it is better to see fewer places each year and have better experiences. By travelling this way hope to sustain this lifestyle we love for many more years to come.

What’s your preference of traveling? Lots of locations and countries and constantly changing or taking it a little slower and soaking in each environment?

Love and travel always,

Tegan and Clark

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