Dreams can come true

When I was a little girl I used to believe that dreams can come true. I would often day dream about what it would be like to have a ‘normal’ family. I imagined myself sitting and watching my dad work whilst chattering away with him, and thinking he was the greatest man on earth. Going on road trips and holidays with the family, and telling stories and laughing around a campfire. Playing dress ups with my mother and having her tenderly brush my hair at night.

My real upbringing wasn’t exactly what you would define as a ‘normal’ start in life. After enduring years of abuse I finally escaped from the adoptive family that had been given the responsibility to care for me. I learnt to fend for myself from a young age, and make the most of what life gave me. I was tenacious, hard working, industrious and mature beyond my years. I had to be.

Without any parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles or cousins, I came to accept that I was alone in the world, and I would find creative ways to avoid the awkward questions people would ask like “where’s your family from?” and “what do your parents do?” As time went on, it became less painful, and simply a way of life for me.

I never gave up on the dream of having a family though. Over the years I would continually take little steps towards the possibility of achieving it, but without having any attachment to the outcome. I always felt that if something came of it, and I managed to find my real parents, (and they actually wanted to know me), then that would be a bonus. Otherwise, it was simply just a dream I was working towards. I never let it consume me, I just chipped away at it consistently, step by step, whenever it felt right.

Now, as I sit here on a flight to USA to visit my Aunty and cousins, with the love of my life beside me, and my real father in the next seat, I can’t stop smiling. Having just returned from visiting my real older brother and his family, (where my niece and nephew lovingly refer to me as Aunty Tegan), I can’t help the overwhelming feeling of being so grateful and blessed. I don’t think I ever thought it would actually ever come true, but I kept hoping it would, and here I am…part of a loving family…a real family!

Some would say that I am lucky and yes, I believe I am in many ways. However, I also believe that I played a big part in the ‘luck’ of my dream coming true. You see, although in the front of my mind, I perhaps didn’t think it would ever happen, I never gave up hope, and sometimes, that’s all you need.

Providing the opportunity for dreams to come true, by creating a space in your heart and your mind, where just a little bit of ongoing hope and possibility is kept. Together with consistently taking small steps towards making it happen, without pressure, and without expectation. This is where dreams can come true. And I’m living proof that it can happen.

So, if you have a far fetched and seemingly distant dream, please don’t give up on it, no matter how far fetched it may seem dreams can come true. Keep a glimmer of hope in your heart, and keep the opportunity open for them to come true, by consistently taking actions and moving in that direction. You just never know, you might surprise yourself, much like I have, and what a beautiful gift that can be 🙂 xo

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