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Hello Brave Girl

Yes, you! I see you.

You may not feel very brave right now and that's ok because I know that deep down inside of you is a brave woman who just needs the right support and guidance to find her courageous self again.

I know this to be true because we all start out in life with confidence, courage and curiosity.

We were brave enough to attempt our first steps. To explore and try new things. If we were afraid of failing back then, we would never have learned how to walk.

Slowly over time, we are conditioned by society, family, and school to conform. Fears are fed to us, often not with malice, but at the crucial time we are forming beliefs about ourselves.

We are taught it’s better to fit in rather than stand out. That it's rude to speak up or be seen. That what others think of us matters. And that our unique opinions and ideas shouldn’t be shared.

And we shrink. Smaller and smaller. Like a bird who’s had its wings clipped.

But that brave girl is always there. She never stops wanting to fly. She still wants to fulfill those dreams. She's just too afraid.

She’s afraid of failing, or falling, of looking stupid or being judged. Or she’s afraid of being seen, or being hurt, or of not being good enough.

Whatever it is your fear has convinced you that you couldn’t or shouldn’t do, that’s exactly what I’d love to help you to achieve.

To feel the freedom that comes from stepping into your fears. The confidence that comes from knowing you have the courage you need to face anything life throws you.

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you over the past twelve years to find their meaning of brave. To rediscover their inner strength. To achieve their hidden dreams. And I’d love to help you too.

And the best place to do this is inside the Facing Fears Club.

It’s not like any other club I can assure you but I will let you discover that for yourself.

Yes, it’s full of all the tools, knowledge, and support you will ever need to become your own hero. To make those big scary steps, seem small.

It’s a safe space where we pick you up if you fall. Where you can learn how to stand confidently and tall. But it’s also a lot more than that.

Come and join us to make this year, your year of no fear.

See you on the inside

Tegan xx

The #1 thing that stops people from achieving their goals every single year is fear

How different would your life be if you could fear-less every day?

Would you go for that promotion?

Would you start that dream business?

Would you go on that first date?

Would you buy that ticket?

Fear holds us back from doing all of the things our heart and soul truly wants to do. It fills our head with self-doubt and sabotages our thoughts.

But it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

Ff Hero Images 1800x800 (5)

With the right knowledge, guidance, and support you can overcome those fears and it doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it can even be fun.


Yes, facing fears can be fun!

You know that saying "freedom is on the other side of fear" well, once you get a taste of what that feels like you will actually enjoy facing your fears.

It's true. I see it happening all the time inside the club and I want you to experience it too.

Basically, anything you truly want to achieve, the Facing Fears Club can help you get there.

How would your life be different if you had
the knowledge, support & tools to face your fears?

So, what is the Facing Fears Club?

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's the place you go to find your inner 'BRAVE GIRL' again

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's your inspiration

    The place where you'll be inspired to reach further, you'll find great leaders, and where you'll inspire others as well

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's your cheer squad

    Standing beside you, ready and waiting to cheer you on and remind you of what you are capable of

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's your playground

    Where you get to try out new things, and practice being curious, without ever being judged or ridiculed

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's your family

    Or the family you wish you had. There to give you a hug and a shoulder to lean on when you need it the most

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's a community

    A community of women who, just like you, are ready to re-discover their inner bravery and stop letting their fears run their lives

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's your magic handbag

    Filled with all the tools you'll ever need to face any fear you might come across and handle any situation confidently and calmly

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's your sisterhood

    Women empowering women and working together to change the worlds opinions, beliefs, systems, and actions

  • Facing Fears Club Icon Image

    It's where I hang out

    I'm in the Club chatting to members, answering questions and providing inspiration, advice and support regularly

Fear...we all have it and the thing that sucks the most is it prevents us from living the big juicy lives we came here to live

Facing Fears Club Icon Image

What's included in the Facing Fears Club?

As a member each month you'll receive:

  • E-books

    If you love to learn by reading then you'll love receiving the newly released ebook every month at no extra cost

  • New Course

    Each month a new course is released and as a member, you'll be the first to gain access to it...for free!

  • Workbooks

    To make sure you put everything you learn into practice there will be a new workbook full of practical exercises released each month

  • Group Coaching

    Receive access to free live members exclusive training on a different topic each month 

  • Live Q & A Webinar

    Step into the monthly virtual coaching couch for personalized live 1:1 coaching or email in your questions (anonymously if you wish)

  • Private Facebook Group

    Gain access to the Facing Fears Club private FB group for peer support and inspiration from other members

  • Special VIP Discounts

    Receive special member-only discounted pricing on live events and workshops

  • Direct access to yours truly

    This is where I hang out. Other than live retreats and workshops, this is the only place you’ll get to connect with me directly

Come join us in the Facing Fears Club

If you're ready to make real and everlasting changes in your life by learning how to face your fears the easy and fun way then come join us in the club

Here's what's waiting for you inside the club:


You get instant access to these the moment you become a member

Courage To Be Brave By Tegan Marshall Cover Min

Courage to be Brave

ebook - 41pg
Quietly Confident By Tegan Marshall Ebook Cover

Quietly Confident

ebook - 36pg
Ebook By Tegan Marshall On Self Love Called Becoming Your Own Best Friend Cover Image

Your Own Best Friend

Ebook - 39pg


As a Facing Fears Club Member you have access to these and all future courses

Courageous You Course Image For Club Page

Courageous You Course

Course In Confidence Image For Club Page

A Course in Confidence

Embracing Self Love Course Image For Club Page

The art of Embracing Self Love Course

workbooks and downloadables

You get instant access to these the moment you join the Facing Fears Club

Courageous You Course Workbook Cover Image

Courageous You Course

Confidence Course Workbook By Tegan Marshall Of Facing Fears

A Course in Confidence

Embracing Self Love Course Workbook By Tegan Marshall Of Facing Fears Cover Image

Self Love Course

PLUS...Join the Club today and you'll receive these extra bonuses:


A 20-minute laser focused 1:1 facing fears online coaching session with Tegan *Limited to first 100 members


Join today to receive the e-version of Tegan's first book Facing Fears - finding the courage to reveal the real you


Receive a daily email reminder in your inbox to inspire you to be more courageous, confident, brave and bold

Come join us in the Facing Fears Club

If you're ready to make real and everlasting changes in your life by learning how to face your fears the easy and fun way then come join us in the club

The Facing Fears Club is for you if:

You're ready to Fly

If you are tired of being stuck and feeling small and you are ready to kick your life into gear

You're missing a piece

The missing piece to the puzzle of success that makes everything else work is to master fear

You know you're better

You are worth more and you deserve better than where you are right now

Group Of Women Happiness Cheerful Concept

Don't want to be alone

You've tried doing it all alone and it hasn't worked, join this group of like-minded women

You want control

When you face your fears it puts you back into the driving seat of controlling your life

Need the flexibility

Take the courses, read the books and jump into the FB group when it suits you, any day or time


I know that if you follow the steps inside the Club, apply the Freedom Method® and ask for support when you need it, I can guarantee you will change and your life will never be the same again.

However, I also know how strong our fears can be and when you make the decision to master your fears, guess what...your Fear Monkey® is going to do everything she can to hold you back from succeeding because she knows, well, basically, she knows this is what you need to change your life.

So, if after you join the club and get access to all the goodies your Fear Monkey® throws a tantrum that would put any two-year-old to shame, and you really want out within the first fourteen days then just let me know and we will refund your first payment.

We won’t make you feel bad because we know how strong your Fear Monkey® can be and besides, that’s not how we roll. We hope you won't let your Fear Monkey® win though because we know this stuff works! We know it has the power to transform lives and that it can transform yours xo

What the Facing Fears Club is NOT:

The Facing Fears Club Is Not About Forcing You To Jump Out Of A Plane Skydiving Like Tegan Marshall

The Facing Fears Club is NOT about jumping out of planes, walking on hot coals, or stripping down to your underwear in public.

Unless those are things you really want to do.

The Facing Fears Club is NOT about forcing you to face your fears. It’s a safe space to explore your boundaries and abilities. The solution is always accepting fear as your friend.

The Facing Fears Club is NOT about doing it alone by just providing you with information and then leaving it up to you. We are right here with you every step of the way.

It’s also NOT always serious, hard or challenging…it can be a whole lot of fun! Sharing the journey with like-minded women can, and often will involve wine, coffee, and smoothies plus laughter, warm fuzzies and connection are guaranteed.

Come join us in the Facing Fears Club

If you're ready to make real and everlasting changes in your life by learning how to face your fears the easy and fun way then come join us in the club

Can’t I just do it on my own?


But that’s just making it a whole lot harder than it has to be. Plus, it’ll take a lot longer and won’t be anywhere near as much fun.

And, not to state the obvious but…if you could do it on your own wouldn’t you have done it already?

So, what’s stopped you?

What’s been holding you back all of these years?

Are you ready for the irony…it’s your fear.

Fear is what stops dreams coming true, relationships succeeding, and business ideas being launched. It stopped me for many years and even now, still tries to.

Fears job is to keep us safe, by keeping us the same. And it will do everything in its power to achieve that. Including tricking you into thinking that you can go it alone.

You see your fear is as smart as you are. This means, sometimes it’s impossible to recognise when it is driving you. These are the times you need the support and advice of others.

When I was learning how to master my fears I had a mentor and an awesome group of peers who supported me all the way. They helped me to recognise when fear was controlling my thoughts and behaviours, during the times I couldn’t see it for myself.

I want you to have that same level of support which is why I created the Facing Fears Club.

So, if you are ready to kick your fears to the curb once and for all…and do it quickly, easily (and have fun at the same time) then I would love to help you get there.

Depositphotos 28418219 Stock Photo Bicycle Flower Woman

The missing piece

For many years my friends called me the ‘serial workshop-er’.

I would go to a workshop, have a life-changing experience and then a month or two after returning to ‘real life’ I would revert back to my old ways.

Or I would sign up for the ‘latest and greatest’ program but never seemed to be able to achieve what I set out to do.

In my storage unit, I had boxes of workbooks and a folder in my computer with a bunch of logins, from courses I had studied but never put into action.

It was like I had the body framework, wheels, seat and handlebars of a bike, but was missing the pedals which I needed to get it moving.

I was stuck, searching for those missing pedals, that magic pill, simple solution, or epiphany that was going to change it all forever.

And then I found it!

The missing piece that had been stalling my success all those years was fear.

I discovered that fear can derail the best intentions. Fear can halt even the most determined minds. And fear can manipulate and control anyone. If we let it.

Once I learned how to master my fears I was able to put everything I had previously learned into action.

That was over twelve years ago now. Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding everything there is about fear and supporting others to break through their fear barriers.

I’ve seen the positive impact this can have on lives and I wanted to make everything I’ve learned easily accessible to more people. This has all culminated in the Facing Fears Club.

Depositphotos 28628551 Stock Illustration Beautiful Card With Pretty Bicycle

Hi there, I’m Tegan Marshall and I’m currently living the life I always dreamed of..for real. Not as my highlight reel on social media but every single day I get to pinch myself. My husband and I travel the world perpetually. Four years ago we packed up, sold, and gave away all of our belongings and we bought a one way ticket overseas.

We spend 1-3 months in each country and I am currently learning five different languages (badly) as we travel and work in different locations throughout the world. Oh, and I don’t do backpacking, couch surfing or even Airbnb. It’s 4 & 5 star luxury all the way baby!

I’m sharing this with you, not to gloat but to show you what’s possible. I wasn’t born into success, in fact, it was the opposite. I grew up on a large farm in the middle of no where, went to a small country school and endured a childhood of all kinds of abuse until I escaped and was placed into the foster care system. I’ve achieved everything in my life despite my start in life and that’s why I know you can too!

I’m also crazy passionate about animals, especially dogs, love to write, recently got re-qualified as a pilates teacher, and 2.5years ago stopped eating sugar (and lost 15+kg by doing so OMG!) I’m a creative, determined (my husband calls it stubborn LOL) empath who cries when anyone gets hurt in a movie, even if it’s Tweety bird cartoon. And I’m crazy enough to believe I can change the world by supporting people to not live in fear.

Whatever it is you really want to achieve:

  • Start a business
  • Change careers
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Travel overseas

I’d love to help you do it faster and easier

I want you to feel empowered to stretch your wings out wide and fly confidently in the direction you’ve always wanted to go

No more overwhelm, confusion, disappointment or frustration

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you over the last twelve years to find the courage they need to face their fears and I’d love to help you too

See you in the club

With love always,

Tegan xo

Facing Fears Freedom Method Logo by Tegan Mathews

FREEDOM is what it's called and FREEDOM is what it gives

Imagine having the courage to say yes to what you wanted even if it scared you.


Imagine having the confidence to ask for what you want in the first place.


Imagine oozing calmness and control in any situation and knowing you are worthy of all the good you are about to receive.


That's what the FREEDOM method gives you.

These seven little, easy to implement, steps can be used in any situation where fear is holding you back.


Use the FREEDOM method to banish doubts, self-sabotage and playing small. Experience the freedom to be unequivocably you! 

Tegan Mathews facing fears in Ballarat
Tegan Mathews in Lal Lal Facing Fears

Who am I...

My name is Tegan Mathews and I'm just like you.

My life used to be controlled entirely by my fears and I didn't even know it until I picked up a book called Fearless Living at an airport one day.

When I got off that flight over twelve hours later it was one of those lightbulb moments when you discover what's been holding you back for years, you just know your life is about to change, and you'll never be the same again.

That was twelve years ago now and since then I have passionately pursued anything and everything to do with fear and faced many of my own fears as well as helping others to face theirs.

Recently I decided it was time to face some of the major demons from my past. I visited the properties where I had spent my teenage years and had been subjected to all types of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

This was an incredibly powerful experience for me. Together with the professional support of my therapist, and my Facing Fears Freedom method, I was able to deal with the flood of memories, face many fears and remove any residual negative energy.

I shared this experience on social media in the hope of inspiring others to do the same and the public support I received was amazing. 

So I've decided to share the method I used so that you too can experience the freedom and absolute happiness I now feel. That inner strength and downright powerfulness that comes from Facing Fears like a Boss! 🙂

What happens next...

All you've got to do next is pop your contact details in the boxes below so that I can send you all the good stuff and hit "Yes, I'm ready to kick my fears to the curb"

Then you'll be taken directly to the Private Facebook Group I've set up especially for you so you have a safe space to be yourself.

You'll also want to check your emails for some preliminary work (don't worry, it's not much and will only take you a minute or two).

If you can't find the email check Mr Spam folder first as it can go into there accidentally sometimes.

Then you'll be all ready to rock and roll for Wednesday! I can't wait to meet you in the group and hopefully get to meet you in person some day too.

Oh and if you think of someone else who might like to discover how to face their fears, feel free to share this page. The more people in the group, the stronger it's going to be and having people in there you know can also make the journey even more successful for you.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock...What are you waiting for?

Join the Facing Fears like a Boss 7 day challenge
and take back the control in your life

What people have to say about Facing Fears:


I came to Tegan with excuses as to why I wasn't achieving in certain areas of my business. What she saw were my fears. By first making me aware of them, Tegan was able to take me through a process to befriend and manage them. I still face fears every day, but Tegan's process allows me to avoid being held back by them. The result? My most successful year in business to date.


Thanks to you working with me last year, I am living more fearlessly! I have been paragliding, scuba diving and now no longer allow toxic people in my space. Thank you for setting me back on the right path to a happier, healthier life."


"Tegan helped me to see fear was my biggest issue but also my protector. Working with her I now know and believe that I am a worthwhile person who deserves the best life has to offer. I love myself, I am more confident, more trusting and I can accept other peoples praise as genuine instead of questioning it all the time. Thank you Tegan from the bottom of my heart for my new life." 


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Building a successful business starts here.

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Facing Fears Logo

Let's make this year the year you fear-less

Facing Fears Logo

Let's make this year a year of no fears