Feeling overwhelmed in your business? Lost that passion & drive?

Always busy but unable to break through that business glass ceiling?

Maybe you've got a great business idea but are too afraid to launch it?

Or don't feel confident promoting or charging what you are worth?

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Tegan Marshall

Don't worry, you are not alone! By simply being in business it pretty much guarantees that at some point you are going to experience at least one of these situations, and maybe even all of them. Eeeek!

It's OK! It's natural to feel this way and it only becomes a problem if you get stuck there and it stops you or your business from growing. And we all know the opposite of growth right...

The good news is, there is one root cause to all of these challenges and that is fear. And yes, this is good news because your fears can be mastered!

Now I'm not talking about the type of fear that is blatantly obvious, like the fear of spiders or heights. The fear that is stopping you is cunning, difficult to see, and is as clever as you are.

It hides behind excuses that show up as really valid reasons. It camouflages itself under feelings of overwhelm and stress. It slowly chips away at your confidence by telling you, you're not capable or worth it.

I've seen this fear cripple even the most confident, talented and gifted of women, holding them captive at mediocrity. And, I have experienced it myself to the point of it costing my business years ago.

This is why I am so passionate about supporting women to discover this for themselves. To break through those barriers that are holding them and their business success captive.


Facing Fears in Business


There's never been a better time to be a female business owner! Seriously! It's true.

With the technology advancements, there are so many options available to us that weren't even thought of a few years ago and with the right drive, guidance, and focus you can achieve anything.

As long as you don't let your fears stop you!

Imagine living each day with the following:

  • CONFIDENT - Having the confidence to launch the business idea you have been percolating for the past seven years and to do it with style, grace and an overwhelming feeling of calm.
  • KNOWLEDGABLE - Understanding the symptoms of fear and having the tools and knowledge to move past any fear that shows up, without it even slowing you down.
  • WORTHY - Knowing deep within yourself that you are worthy of all the good that is showing up on a daily basis and also coming your way.
  • ON PURPOSE - Jumping out of bed in the morning with the feeling of excitement because you are pursuing your passion and living a life on purpose.


Great question! Let me answer it by sharing with you three beliefs I have when it comes to coaching and mentoring people to achieve their dreams by overcoming their fears in business:

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One Session


  • One 30 minute 1:1 strategy session
  • Use as a brainstorming session
  • Unscramble your business ideas
  • Define a marketing strategy
  • Get re-focused again

3 Sessions


  • 3 x 1 hour sessions within 3 months
  • Best utilised on a project basis
  • Marketing campaign strategy and support OR
  • Product launch guidance and advice OR
  • Create & implement a new sales funnel
  • Time frame is determined by project or goal


$1997 + GST / month

  • Use to create real and lasting change
  • Support and mentorship on a regular basis
  • Create exponential growth in your business
  • Finance, marketing, systems, strategy, human resources, mindset
  • 2 tailored 1hr sessions each month
  • 2 hours hands on practical monthly
  • Unlimited email support
  • Emergency support


I asked some of my clients what facing fears in business has meant to them and here's what they had to say...

"Tegans process allows me to avoid being held back by my fears. The result? My most successful year in business to date."

"Facing fears in business for me is about reminding me of why I got into business in the first place, recognising what my value is and that I can make a living from giving that to people"

"Facing fears in business has been about being nurtured through something that I was too scared to do on my own and feeling good about that instead of inadequate"

"Facing my fears in business is about re-igniting my passion and re-connecting with what I love, plus coming to terms with letting go of what I am not good at and being ok with that"

"Facing my fears in business, can I be honest? Has meant more money in the bank for me and more time to spend with my family. I just love it"

"Facing fears in business is about, for me, making better decisions, not fear based ones, surrendering control and learning how to trust my own judgement, ability, products and value"

"Facing fears in business has been about, finding the confidence in myself to believe in the value of what I provide to my clients and learning how to charge for it as well as having the confidence to proudly showcase what I do on different social platforms"


The reality is, you don't have to! There are thousands of business coaches you can choose from these days so it's about choosing the right one for you.

You can read more about my credentials further down this page but basically, like most, I can provide you with the right marketing advice to get more traffic to your business and convert into paying clients through your products.

I can also give you the support and ignite the motivation within you that you need to make more money and overcome the blocks that are currently holding you hostage at your current income level.

What's different about working with me is that I have been where you are before and have the notches on my belt to prove it plus I can support you to overcome the fears that are holding you back from success right now.

I've built several startups into seven-figure businesses in less than two years, all starting with a zero or low budget. Hence, I can also provide you with the guidance you need on how to make it happen faster, and get more sh*t done than you ever have before.

But I'm not for everyone and I'm ok with that.

Not everyone that wants these things, (and let's be serious, who doesn't!) is going to resonate with my personality, style of coaching or maybe they just don't like what I wear or the colour of my hair. The reality is, I don't care about them! I only care about you, the person who DOES want to work me and that is my focus.

I used to be concerned about what other people thought of me when I was filled with fear and insecurities and it would stop me from, well, being myself. I wasted so much energy trying to live up to everyone else's expectations.

But, over the past twelve years, I've learnt how to master those fears and I now feel totally comfortable and confident that I will only attract the type of people that I love to hang out with and work with.

This type of person is the woman who has a burning desire deep in her belly to succeed. Even if it's just a niggling that she deserves better than where she is right now, it's there!

She is a go-getter, an ass kicker (without being a bitch) in her own right, and she isn't afraid to do the work. She might be afraid of what she may need to face to achieve what she wants (and that's ok), but she is willing to do what's necessary for the reward. And, she has an awesome gift to bring forth that will make a difference to this world.

So, the beauty of the free world we live in is that you don't have to choose me. You are free to choose whoever you want to. What I invite you to do is to download some of my stuff, jump onto a webinar, a FB group, or do one of my courses, and decide if I'm someone you can relate to or not and if I'm not the right fit for you then that's totally ok. Just do me one favour...

Please do something!

Don't let your fears hold back all that you have to give to your community. The world needs what you have! Something brought you to here, so if I'm not right then go read a different book, join another group, hire a different coach. Just promise me you will do something to stop fear from keeping you stuck!

And if you are ready to upscale your life and smash through that business glass ceiling then sign up and let's get started.

I promise you, you won't regret it AND your life will never be led by fear again! Take the step, I'm waiting for you to join us on the other side of fear.

About your Facing Fears in Business Consultant

the fearless femaleTegan Mathews has over thirty years experience in business. Starting her first business at fourteen, her second at seventeen and several others since then, along with some failures as well, she knows what it takes to make a business succeed together with the fears that are faced by business owners.

Tegan has been sought after for her sales & marketing experience, launched new divisions nationally for corporations and has an innate ability to forecast trends. Currently, with three businesses, a published author, and inspirational speaker, she only takes limited one on one Facing Fears in Business clients per year.

These are intense programs, involving lots of change, facing numerous fears and a certain level of commitment is required to achieve the results. If you have tried everything else, are tired of working long hours and not obtaining the results you would like, have a valuable product or service and are ready to face your fears then contact Tegan for a confidential interview.

Facing Fears and finding the courage to reveal the real you