Facing your fears visualization technique

Visualization Technique By Tegan Marshall Image Of Relaxed Courageous Woman

Let’s face it, feeling afraid sucks! It’s an icky feeling that no-one really ever wants to spend any time experiencing. It can make us procrastinate, hold us back, stop us from getting started or just plain freeze us in our tracks, just going through the motions but not actually getting anywhere.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’ve done any of my programs you’ll soon discover that fear can be turned around and used to drive you forward to more success, higher confidence, and deeper connection.

No matter what it is you’re afraid of, with the right awareness, tools, and support you can become a master at facing your fears. You can reduce the power they have over you and go on to live an even more fulfilling, happy and gorgeous life.

This visualization technique is one of the most powerful weapons you can use against your fears. Whether you are afraid to start your dream business? Or too scared to go on a first date with that spunky guy from the tech department, (is it just me who loves Geeks??) Or you can’t find the courage to put your face in a video and send it out to the world to promote what you do?

Whatever it is, studies have shown that you can reprogram your Amygdala (the fear part of your brain) by using techniques such as visualization. The trick is not to visualize what it is you are actually afraid of (that will only make it bigger) but to visualize yourself on the other side of fear. Having already faced that fear and achieved success.

You know how 99.999 percent of your fears aren’t actually real (unless you let them be)? Well, by visualizing a different outcome to the one you are afraid might happen, you give your subconscious an alternative reality. You get to rewrite the script for a “what if” good instead of a “what if” bad.

And the awesomely good news is that it only takes a few minutes to do and is super easy to learn. And…I’m going to take you through it right now. So…follow these steps and I’ll see you on the other side of your fear.

  1. Step One: Switch off anything that might go beep, ping, boing or start vibrating (or worse – ringing) during the process. Find a quiet environment or put on some noise canceling headphones (hello Bose) with some relaxing music. Choose a time where you won’t be interrupted and yes, for all the mothers out there, this can be done while locked in the toilet. Ha Ha
  2. Step Two: Now, close your eyes and take your focus inward. Concentrate on breathing each inward breath into the depths of your lungs rather than the upper part of your chest and shoulders. You can even place your hands on the sides of your ribs and feel them expand and contract. With each inward breath of 3-5 seconds focus on breathing in confidence and then breathing out your fears for a count of 3-5.
  3. Step Three: Imagine yourself in the successful scenario having already faced your fear. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, see yourself on the stage talking calmly and confidently. Envisage the audience listening attentively to your every word and giving you a round of applause at the conclusion of your speech. Imagine people coming up to you afterward congratulating you and wanting to work with you.
  4. Step Four: Engage all of your senses in this experience to make it as real as possible. Smell the scent of the wood of the stage and your favourite perfume on your wrist. Feel the microphone in your hand and the lights beaming onto your face. Taste your favourite raspberry lip-gloss on your lips and the mint mouthwash you gargled prior to arriving. See the smiling faces in the audience and the hands up, eager to ask you positive and engaging questions.
  5. Step Five: Include the physical aspects of your vision as well. See yourself standing tall as you deliver your speech. Your feet are firmly connected to the floor through your favorite pair of shoes. Your shoulders are back, your head is held high. Your breathing and your heart rate are focused, calm and confident.

Stay in this vision for as long as you can before opening your eyes and bringing yourself back to the reality of your surroundings. Do this visualization at least once a day and use it for every part of your fear. For example, with the fear of public speaking you can use it for the writing of your speech, the booking process, arriving at the venue, even choosing what to wear and what to offer as a thank you.

Practice using this facing your fears visualization technique on anything you are afraid of and watch the power of that fear disappear and be replaced with a powerful and confident scenario.

Download the pretty little printable I’ve created for you here and stick it on the bathroom mirror, on your computer, or the back of the toilet door, so you can use it any time you need it.

Or play the video and have me take you through the process personally. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your subconscious can be retrained from fear to freedom.

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