How a non-techie ended up owning two website companies


For years I have struggled with technology. In school, although it was a co-ed school, it was the boys who got the first choice on the computers when they arrived and I guess I just didn’t bother fighting it. Although now days, I wish I had because without understanding technology and feeling comfortable with it, starting and growing a business is that much harder.

Previously, because I have created several startups (often on a shoestring budget), I have had many different and varied website experiences such as; attempting to build my own website through free versions of software like Wix and Weebly (which took longer than it should have), hiring an expensive website developer for the entire process (and feeling completely out of control), purchasing a theme (thinking I was buying a website) and then having a developer configure it for me, and having a friend create a website for me.

All of these experiences have had benefits as well as disheartening and disappointing parts but mainly disappointing. What has been the main lesson I have learnt through it all, is that I can build a website but a) It’s going to take me a LOT longer than expected and b) It’s never going to look as good as a professionally designed website and so I am probably never going to proudly promote it unless I absolutely have to, and c) the content is the second hardest part (the design is just as difficult).

Due to my extensive business and online website self-taught experience I ended up landing a role with a national company as the business development consultant to launch the website division of their company. This proved to me that you don’t have to be good at technology, you just have to understand what the customer needs, have the experience, and then find the right people to do the tech for you.

A year later I met my future husband who, yep, you guessed it, builds websites for a living and the year after that I joined his business and we created the Blue Dog Digital Marketing Agency that is still going today. The combination of his technical abilities and experience, combined with my marketing experience and natural creative ability enables us to provide a complete website solutions that work for our clients and their businesses.

Two years ago, my fiancé shared with me an idea he had been holding onto for some time to create a ready-made range of websites that customers could purchase. I loved the idea because it was perfect for people like me who would come up with an idea for a business and be able to purchase a website with all the tech already done for them.

Over the past two years we have perfected the product and with the addition of our business partner Kristie, have now been able to automate it so that we can provide an Instant WordPress Website, complete with all the best plugins, ready for you to personalise. There’s even a range of add on products such as ecourses, ecommerce, sales funnels and content writing done for you packs (sing alelouyah!)

I just love it when I hear a client say how easy it has been to get their website live with our products and to be a integral part of their business growth is fantastic. I still do struggle with the technology on a daily basis (especially these days because I am surrounded by it) but I’m ok with that because I have an incredible team that supports me to understand and manage it all.

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