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Over the last couple of years I have discovered how to be truly grateful and it has had a profound effect on my life so today’s post is about exactly that, I want to share what I have learnt on how to be truly grateful so that you can gain these extra benefits too. I have been inspired by Kathryn Hodges, a lawyer who writes a public gratitude journal every day. I think this is a fabulous idea because gratitude inspires and encourages more gratitude in others and this lifts the energy of us all. But it reminded me of how years ago when I used to write my gratitude’s every day, but I didn’t feel them.

What’s the difference?

You see, I’ve learnt that there’s a difference between writing a gratitude and actually feeling grateful. One comes from the head and the other from the heart and I’ll let you work out which is which. Years ago when I used to diligently write my gratitude’s every day I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t making a difference in my life like it seemed to for everyone else. I used to stretch myself to write at least ten every day and although I’m certain that my time spent focusing on the good in my life wasn’t lost, it planes in insignificance to the differences that I have experienced since learning how to be grateful by feeling my gratitude’s.

Feel your gratitudes

So what does it mean to feel your gratitude’s? Let me explain by example. Today when I awoke it was dark just like it usually is at 4am and as I went about my morning routine that I love I got to witness the world waking up. The sounds of the birds, the scooters as they went by outside and the roosters crowing in the distance. As the sun peeked over the horizon and shone its light upon the water like a pathway to heaven I was filled with immense happiness for the day that is to come.

As I took a deep breath of air into the depth of my lungs my heart sang with the gratitude of being blessed with another beautiful day to enjoy. In my mind, my thoughts were of how grateful I was for the opportunity to experience such beauty and excitement with what the day ahead may hold but the difference from previous years was that in every part of my being I was filled with gratitude. I felt grateful in every little cell of my body from the tips of my toes right through to the top of my head. I felt alive and buzzing as I allowed myself to truly feel gratitude.

What you have is enough

I was so grateful for that moment that if that was all I had today, to witness the sun rise over the ocean, then that was all I needed. That was enough. If all I had to be grateful for today was that I was alive, then that was enough. As I watched the fishermen come in with their early morning catches I was again filled with gratitude for all that the universe provides that enables me to nourish my body with what it needs and again, if this was all I had to be grateful for today, then it would be enough.

You see the difference between the gratitude’s I expressed years ago and the ones I have today is that each one, on its own, is enough. Previously, my focus was on coming up with ten every day and if I didn’t get those ten then it wasn’t enough where as now, as the day goes on I will make a point of stopping, taking a deep breath and being truly grateful in that moment for what ever it might be that I have been blessed with. I’m not keeping count any more, I am just “being” grateful and I’ve learnt that, for me, that’s how to be truly grateful.

Let yourself go

The other difference is that I let myself feel the joy of gratitude in every part of me. I let it fill me up from the inside out and I know that this has contributed to having even more to be grateful for in my life today. It has taken my gratitude from my head and connected it to my heart and spirit and for that I am and will be forever grateful for.

So, I firstly encourage everyone to be grateful for all that you have and even if it’s only one thing today, then let that be enough because from that one thing, you will attract more. Gratitude’s are such a powerful force when you let yourself truly feel the gratitude and they alone, can change your life. I know this to be true and it is my wish for you to experience it too. Share in the comments below what it feels like when you are filled with gratitude or if you have any other tips on how to be truly grateful please share them and have a blessed day. xo

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