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I bought a house in Italy and heres Why I Chose Italy

Buying a house in Italy video & Blog Series

I'm super excited...I'm buying a house in Italy by purchasing remotely and I'm sharing every step of my journey via video on my YouTube channel and via my blog.

If you've ever dreamed of owning a little piece of Italy then you might like to follow along. Click the links below to watch and subscribe for the series.

Dream Business Clarity Journal

Your Dream Business Clarity Journal

Currently free for a limited time (usually $7)

Feeling trapped in a soul-crushing 9-5 or worst still, a business that drains you? Have a bunch of business ideas but don't know which one to choose that will be right for you? Stop right now and download this 85 page Business Clarity Journal where you can follow the prompts, fill in the pages and gain the clarity you crave to know exactly what type of business you really want to have, PLUS how to make it a reality.

Here's what's inside:

  • 17 pages of prompts to clarify what your dream business is
  • 19 pages of prompts to support you to have the right mindset
  • 21 pages of prompts to give you the confidence needed to take action
  • 20 pages of prompts to dive deeper and break through any limitations

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Travel With Tegan Live Online Workshop About Becoming Location Independent In Your 40s And 50s

Live Online Workshop - How to become Location Independent in your 40's & 50's

If you've ever dreamed of being location independent but thought you couldn't, then this live webinar is for you.

Tailored specifically for people in their 40's & 50's this live online workshop gives you a step by step guide to preparing and planning your great escape from your current normal and creating a life of freedom and travel.

Become a digital nomad in your 40's & 50's: 

  • No backpacking
  • No blogging
  • No selfies
  • No MLM
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Join the Wealthy Wanderers Facebook Group

A community of like minded 40+ individuals choosing to live a life of travel and exploring the world while they're still young enough to enjoy it. Inspiration, motivation, travel tips and so much more.

We do things a little differently: 

  • We measure wealth by experiences, not millions
  • No backpacking - we like our creature comforts
  • Travel at our own pace to soak up each location
  • All while still growing our nest egg and security
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WEBSITE - Resources & Support to create a Truly Magnificent Dream Life in your 50's -
Travel | Lifestyle | Mindset | Money

Visit the Tegan Marshall website for free resources, courses, blogs, videos, podcasts, and books to support you in your journey of creating your dream life. If I can do it then you certainly can too.