008: Fear and Opportunities – Jean Sheehan

008 Fear and Opportunities Jean Sheehan - The Fearless Females Podcast

008 Fear and Opportunities Jean Sheehan - The Fearless Females Podcast

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In this episode:

In this episode of The Fearless Females Podcast your host Tegan Mathews interviews Jean Sheehan who shares:

  • How she overcame loss, abuse, suicide, homelessness and depression
  • The terminal cancer wake up call
  • Choosing to see life’s experiences as opportunities
  • The power of using positive affirmations
  • Owning up to her gift of medical intuition

Tegan’s Take Aways:

  1. When you are faced with a challenge say, “Thank you” first, then take a deep breath which will enable you to think clearly, then visualise something completely different
  2. The affirmation, ‘I love you and I forgive you’ is so powerful, especially when directed at yourself.
  3. Never give up on yourself – keep going because part of our souls journey having a human experience is to see our own brilliance
  4. Choose to see the situation through child like eyes – how can you make it funny, simple and from a place of love?
  5. Life is like an opp shop (charity store) – it’s full of opportunities

About Jean Sheehan

Jean Sheehan is the undisputed leader in the field of Medical Intuition, an exceptional Medical Intuitive / Metaphysical teacher and Life Skills Coach with over twenty years’ experience, specialising with both women and children and their emotional care. A leader in her field, Jean possess the rare gift of being able to facilitate enormous transformational change in anyone she meets – A true ALCHEMIST.

Jean is teacher of possibility and potentiality and a voice of truth and absolute love. A Nurse for 15 years, Jean knew there was an innate wisdom and intuitive power within each being, which could heal itself and manifest potentiality.

As principal of Millennium Education & Absolute Empowerment Jean Sheehan educates, coaches and mentors schools, childcare centres and corporations to conscious living and self-realisation. She is inspirational and captivates her audiences from the heart.  Connecting souls to pure ABUNDANCE, and love, releasing limiting beliefs / patterns and habits, to experience a true and absolute empowerment of self-fulfilment and peace in all areas of life. An expert in Children’s emotional care, Jean successfully guides Parents & Children to a sense of safety, fulfilment and peace

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Millennium Education

Millennium Education

A Gift for Listeners From Jean Sheehan:

A millennium million dollar note with love hearts for love of self and specific sacred geometry which are mathematical codes to abundance – abundance of love, friends, money, abundance on every level. Download and print it off and put it in your purse and watch the abundance flow to you. Every time you look at it know the universe is looking after you and will provide.


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Show Notes: Episode 008: Fear and Opportunities – Jean Sheehan

The Fearless Females Podcast Show Notes – Episode 008 – Fear and Opportunities – Jean Sheehan

Jean Sheehan’s Fearless Story

  • I was born in Kuwait, my father was Arabic and my mother was Greek
  • I was born with a very unusual gift which was to see anatomy and physiology inside people
  • I used to talk about it openly because I thought all children could see it
  • I could see past lives and everything
  • But I didn’t know what it meant
  • That sort of thing, within my culture is totally tabo and is seen as evil
  • I was what I call an “Orx” baby, my mother fell pregnant before they were married
  • Being a girl in the middle east is not something that is welcomed
  • So part of my journey in life was learning about separation, isolation and not being wanted
  • And because I would talk openly about these alternate and bizarre things that were seen as witch craft and evil people would pin an evil eye onto me saying, “Keep away from her she is dangerous”
  • Because I would predict certain things and they would come true
  • When I was 7-8 my mother got cancer of the uterus and had a hysterectomy
  • Again, culture and my gift of sight was seen as tainting the womb and she couldn’t have any more children which meant she couldn’t have a boy and there would be no one to carry on the family name
  • All these things came along and I see them as learning lessons now but at the time I didn’t understand
  • Culturally as well, females were not seen as powerful
  • Females were to be sub-servient
  • It was a bit like the movie and book, “Not without my daughter.”
  • So it was very scary and abusive
  • I would wake up in the middle of the night with my mother in her underwear, blood on her and a knife at her neck
  • Just some un-pleasantries shall we call them? I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, these are just things I have experienced
  • Landing in Australia at 5yrs old I didn’t speak English, only Greek and Arabic
  • I would go to school with humus and alternative foods and everyone else was having vegemite sandwiches
  • So again there was the lessons of being different and smelling different and eating different things
  • Again I had the sight and thought I was evil, had the belief systems that I was no good
  • But I kept it very secret through primary school and high school
  • It was just easier to keep quiet about it AND about what was happening at home
  • At sixteen my mother died and that was the end of my world because she was my protector at home
  • I was about to do year twelve and I became homeless
  • It was better to be homeless than stay at home with the abuse
  • And the abuse was on all levels, mental, physical and sexual
  • I learnt of facing fears all the time
  • Although I lived in anxiety and adrenals, I would learn to see opportunities
  • Both my parents were smokers and my mother, on Christmas Eve had said, “If you ever take up smoking, I will come back and haunt you.”
  • On Boxing Day I took up smoking because I had heard, “Start smoking and I will always be with you.”
  • I would do almost anything (not prostitution) to raise money for cigarettes. Even picking up dirty butts and getting that last puff out of them
  • Through all of that I met a lovely man and we had our first son together
  • I was nursing at the time and I had gone into nursing because I couldn’t understand why doctors and medical people couldn’t see what I could see and what the patients needed
  • So I went into pathology and autopsy to quantify all of that
  • My first son Jamie who is now 22 was born with many birth defects, both medical and physical and had to have bone graft surgeries etc
  • It was assumed because I was a nurse that I just had to get on with it. I had learnt to keep quiet and bury my emotions
  • By the time I was 26 I was suicidal
  • I couldn’t handle hiding my gift of medical intuition and I couldn’t handle still feeling like I was alone and hopeless
  • By this stage I had the belief system that I made no difference in the world
  • There was no point
  • I learnt to be a neat freak and control freak because if anything was 1cm out of place at home I used to be beaten (even if it was the dog that moved it)
  • So with the suicidal feelings I didn’t seek any help. I had the tablets in my hand, my son was in day care, my husband was in the army and was at work at the time
  • I thought, I will just make it all clean, dinners done and I will just bump myself off because I can’t deal with this pain any more
  • As I went to put the tablets in my mouth my son Jamie’s face popped into my mind and I thought, “I can’t leave my son like my mother left me.” Not that my husband was abusive at all.
  • And that’s how I got through that
  • I ended up healing my depression myself as I wasn’t getting the support I wanted through the medical system
  • The psychiatrists needed the drugs more than I did and the psychologist would ask me to look at her wounds as I was a nurse
  • I looked at the reasons why we get anxious and depressed, foods, mindset etc
  • Down the track I was still holding a big secret
  • Being able to see potentiality in others, emotions in the body, blood, veins the whole lot like an MRI
  • My husband didn’t even know and I had met him when I was sixteen
  • I thought, “I need to tell someone” and as life would have it, my next wake up call arrived
  • I was diagnosed with cancer and only six months to live
  • I said to myself, “Jean, just stop it! Start living rather than just surviving.”
  • Along the way I learnt a lot about fear such as fear based love, feeling isolated, feeling alone, the cultural aspect, money, money for food, all sorts of things
  • When I look back I think how we are all handed these experiences to see if we can tap into potentiality and we all can
  • I don’t usually share that part of my story, in fact you are the first person to hear it

How did you get through all of these things?

  • It’s going to sound really weird but I have always had a child like mind
  • Even my sixteen and twenty-two-year-old sons still say, “Mum, you’re like a child”.
  • To get through all of those horrific things, the abuse, there was rape and stalkers while I was homeless and so on
  • I would always use the mind power, although I didn’t know it at the time
  • The first thing I always did was I would say thank you
  • Even as a child I had an innate understanding that there was a bigger picture and I would always say thank you for the “Smakeroonies” we are given
  • Then it’s like the body almost says, “OK, now I can deal with this.”
  • Then, take a deep breath
  • Because then the lungs distribute oxygen to the body and we get out of survival mode and can think clearly
  • Then visualise – I used to imagine a big, gold, sparkly heart around the person that was doing the abuse
  • Now I know this may sound bizarre but as soon as I did that the abuse would stop
  • It was like putting the energy out there alchemised what was occurring
  • As I got older I would say to the dis-ease or situation, “I love you, I forgive you, I love you, I forgive you.”
  • They were just affirmation words in my head but after saying them it was like everything just seemed to change as soon as I did that
  • So they sound really simple and they cost nothing and yet they have this extraordinary quantum physics, chemical reaction that just changes things
  • Often, as humans, we think the solution has to be complicated and yet it doesn’t
  • We could all learn from watching children. They break their leg and you tell them, “Mummy kiss it better” and it is and yet why can’t we do that for ourselves?
  • One of the affirmations I made for myself was, “The more simple my life, the more abundant I am”

Jean Sheehan’s Memorable Moment(s)

  • Although my homeless period was awful in some ways it was also my most memorable because of the ‘ciggie butt’ story
  • It made me realise that life is like an opp shop – there are opportunities everywhere!
  • Mum’s death was memorable and not from a place of pity but if she hadn’t of died then I wouldn’t have experienced the homelessness, the rape, stalked etc then I wouldn’t be the compassionate person I am today
  • So they are all memorable but not in a bad/good kind of way, they just are
  • Because she passed away on Christmas Day, as a nurse I always worked on Christmas Day
  • I LOVED being the funny one around those who had no family on that day
  • And of course my husband and two children are definitely memorable moments for me

What are you passionate about today?

  • Today I’ve moved from fear based motivation to more love based motivation
  • My affirmations used to be, “Arabs are going to get you” but now they are, “I love my life, I love my family.”
  • I average about four hours sleep a night and then in July I hibernate like a bear and catch up on my sleep
  • Now everything is based around, “How can I be of service, how else can I help people”
  • Whether it’s donating money, fundraising, teaching, it seems a life compared to survival

What is something in your future plan that scares you?

  • Online stuff
  • A lot of my teachings and courses are live, like for Queensland University and corporations etc and so I can stand up in front of an audience but learning to tweak that to be online is scary for me, only because I don’t understand it
  • So I keep saying affirmations like, “IT is my friend” and “I love computers and computers love me”
  • I also love mimicking people who I deem are successful (not necessarily status, title or money) such as my husband and my son who embrace technology as if it is their best friend
  • I will also ask questions again and again until I understand it
  • I have learnt that in certain areas I am a kinaesthetic learner – hands on
  • For IT show me what to do and let me do it, don’t tell me to read a book
  • Part of that is knowing your style of learning, knowing who you are and what you like and don’t like and then finding a way to learn it that you do like
  • I actually don’t learn from my husband because he’s too close. I hire someone to teach me – better for our relationship that way too

Five Fast Fun Fearless Facts about Jean Sheehan

  1. Who inspires you? Oprah – when my son was in hospital for a couple of years I would watch her and thought (before she started sharing her story) I wonder how much you have been through to get to where you are today and as she became more vulnerable and shared her story I could relate and I felt I could easily sit down and have a cup of tea with her and say, “What else do we do now?”
  2. Favourite thing to do each day? ARK – Act of Random Kindness – I believe we are all on a boat and we can either make it rough and rocky or smooth like sailing in the Bahamas. So every day I do an ARK and I think there’s nothing nicer than physical presence or letters. I still do snail mail. Or I might buy a bunch of flowers for someone, send them a card, a crystal and it’s not about paying it forward or the recognition it’s just about being able to brighten up someone’s day.
  3. What’s something that still scares you? Let’s stick with IT. I can abseil, skydive, and do any of those scary things but with IT I’m still learning to make it my friend.
  4. Favourite technique or app or book? Technique – Music – if you are feeling down, put on some ‘doof doof’ music and you can not stay down. In my courses, if I notice someone losing focus I get my PA to put on some music and we dance. I just think music of any sort is an amazing technique to uplift anyone and everyone.
  5. If you could wave a magic wand and fix one thing in the world right now, what would it be and why? To teach life skills to parents and children that include the emotional, physical and chemical (food) to enable people to tap into their possibilities just like I did years ago to overcome my anxiety and depression from a holistic point of view


Final Question

If you could turn back time what’s the one piece of advice you wish you could give your fourteen-year-old self?

  • Keep going!
  • Never give up on yourself.
  • We, you, me are born to be brilliant and are born brilliant
  • So, keep going because part of our soul’s journey having a human experience is to see our own brilliance

Where can people reach out to you? www.absoluteempowerment.com

A Gift for Listeners From Jean Sheehan:

A millennium million dollar note with love hearts for love of self and specific sacred geometry which are mathematical codes to abundance – abundance of love, friends, money, abundance on every level. Download and print it off and put it in your purse and watch the abundance flow to you. Every time you look at it know the universe is looking after you and will provide.


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