Want instant revenue? Start with the low hanging fruit

Increase Revenue By Low Hanging Fruit By Tegan Marshall

The natural way of business is that it ebbs and flows. When it’s flowing, you are in your element. But when things get quiet, some business owners panic and don’t know what to do. The easiest and most fruitful (pardon the pun), is to start with the low hanging fruit. 

What is low hanging fruit

The low hanging fruit is the ripest. The most ready to be eaten and the easiest to reach. The other fruit requires more effort to pick. You might even need to go get a ladder just to reach it. It’s the same in business. The low hanging fruit are the customers you already have. 

Unfortunately, when people get scared, reason goes out the window. Similarly, in business, when it slows down, which it inevitably will, suddenly common sense is forgotten. There’s a flurry of effort to create a new marketing campaign to bring in new customers. The potential wealth available within, the low hanging fruit, is forgotten or missed. 

Getting new customers is like planting a new fruit tree. It takes time to nurture the relationship. You need to water it regularly and, depending on the tree planted, it could take a long time before there is any fruit.  

Meanwhile, your low hanging fruit (current customers) are being picked by someone else. Or their fruit is falling off the tree because they no longer can carry it. 

How to get instant revenue

The simplest and quickest way to instantly increase your revenue is to contact your current customers. They already know, like and trust you. Reach out to them. Offer them a product they need and if you don’t know what that is, then ask them. 

Recently, during an ebb period in one of our businesses, we sent out an email letting our current clients know about one of the services we offer. From that one email, we received several enquiries. These resulted in not one but three large projects that filled the following two months of work.  

If you only provide one service or product then consider adding another level to it. If you have several different services or products then make sure your current clients know what they are. 

What else do your current clients need

Often a client will enter your business via a particular avenue such as a referral or an advertisement. They may purchase a product or service from you but may not be aware of the suite of products or services you offer. Or the myriad of ways you and your business can solve their problems for them. 

There’s no need to overly complicate things. You don’t even necessarily need a new sales page. Sometimes just connecting with your clients will do. A simple email communication can result in instant revenue and the cost…fifteen minutes of your time to write and send.  

If your business is experiencing an ebb and you are needing an instant revenue boost, it costs nothing to connect with those who already know you. Go start with your low hanging fruit.  

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