Discover your business profit zone of genius

If you're feeling tired and uninspired at the end of every day because your 'to do list' is longer than your arms and legs put together, then this is for you...

If you're still trying to "do it all" and never seem to get to do the parts of your business you actually love, then that stops now!

And if you're ready to completely transform your business so that every day you are incredibly productive, profitable and in flow then read on...

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Step Four: How to avoid burning out that comes from just doing what you're good at

So many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of doing what they're good at instead of what they're a genius at. This leads to burnout and fatigue. In step 4 we'll cover foolproof ways to step out of this trap and how to discern if a task is right for you to be doing.

Step Five: What actions to take to introduce more joy (and profits) into your business

We'll cover the easiest way to transition without having to rebuild your business or get rid of your current processes. Plus, how to 10 x your returns in just 10 minutes a day by strategically adding more of what you love to do into your business.

Step Six: Master the art of delegating what you don't love to multiply your profits

How you can start outsourcing and delegating what isn't in your zone of business genius to someone else who is better, faster and more effective at it because it's their business zone of genius. Yay! We'll even cover which tasks to do first so you see the fastest returns.

Create a highly profitable business you absolutely love

Step One: Discover the 4 zones that will transform the way you do business

We'll uncover where your business zone of genius is, what your 'flow' state is, where to spend your time as a CEO instead of a worker bee, and what to do to recreate your business (quickly and easily) into a genius zone business. 

Step Two: Figure out exactly what lights you up & brings in the funds

Includes specific exercises to leave you feeling inspired and empowered instead of drained & overwhelmed. Plus why you shouldn't do things just because you're good at them. 

Step Three: Clarify exactly what business tasks aren't your 'thang'

By working backwards from what you don't like, and what you're not so good at, you'll get clear on what is your ideal zone to be spending your time in that will bring in the profits.

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It's time to step into your business profit zone of genius

Live webinar: Thursday 16th @10am AEST
Wednesday 15th @7pm CST - USA

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