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I wrote this book for a dear friend of mine. After having to deal with a bunch of setbacks, one after another after another, my friend had lost her courage to be brave.

Without courage, she didn't have the ability to step out of her comfort zone. She was just existing. Her business wasn't growing, she worked way too many hours, her children never saw her, and she wasn't doing what she truly loved to do.

Courage To Be Brave By Tegan Marshall Cover Min

She had forgotten:

  • How to be brave in any situation
  • How to have the courage to pursue her dreams
  • How to put her health and needs first
  • And how to take the first step

So, I guided her through a process I call the Courage Creating System. It's a system I have been using successfully with my clients for some time now and it consists of five easy steps that take you from confusion, self-doubt, anxiety, and stress, through to understanding, self-forgiveness, clarity and, as the title says, the courage to be brave again.

Here's what's inside:

  • What stops you from being courageous
  • How to use fear to build your courage muscle
  • The benefits that having courage can give you
  • The 5-step Courage Creating System
  • Bonus tips on mastering your Fear Monkey®

This really helped my friend. She changed her business around to be more aligned with her true calling, started eating properly (and exercising) and spends quality time with her family now. She loved it so much she insisted I put it all down in a book so that others can benefit from it too. So, here it is.

It's only 41 pages so, a quick two hour read which means you can start implementing the Courage Creating System into your life straight away.

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About the author: Tegan Marshall

Tegan is a Certified Fearless Living Coach with over twelve years experience coaching women on how to face their fears in life and in business. Her highly abusive childhood has not held her back but did create her own set of fears she has had to face. An entrepreneur from the age of fourteen she now lives the lifestyle of her dreams travelling the globe permanently with her husband Clark whilst running three successful companies. A published author you can read more about Tegan's personal story in her inspirational first book Facing Fears.

This was so very cool!
Condensed to be manageable, specific, and when reading it, I didn’t feel that I was having to do it on my own. You made it very personable, and supportive. Especially your examples of your own experiences

Christine, Byron Bay, AU

Powerful, applicable, and life-changing! Tegan has succinctly and concisely detailed everything you need to know about fear. I found her explanations easy to understand, relevant, and able to be applied to my life. The workbook helped me highlight exactly what my fears were and how I was going to alleviate them. I recommend this book and its workbook to anyone wanting to bust out of their stuck fearful routines and rediscover how to be brave.

Lara, Sydney, AU