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Your Courage to be Brave ebook is on it's way to your inbox and I've got the perfect companion for you right here. If you are ready, like really ready to get your "brave girl" on then you'll want to upgrade and grab this online course too.

Together we'll dive deeper into the principles of the Creating Courage System through the 21 video lessons (2-5 mins each) and it comes with an 18 pg workbook to ensure you put your new found courage into action.

PLUS INSIDE, you'll get direct access to me through the private FB group AND the support of your peers too (if you want it).

This is the best way I can support you to become Courageous You. Check out the details below and I'll see you in there.

With love and kindness always,
Tegan xo

P.S. If you choose to upgrade to the course this week I'll give you $20 off as a thank you for purchasing the ebook. See below for the code.

Courageous You
Online Course

When we are young we have all the courage in the world. It's only as we get older and conditioned by our environment and society we tend to become too afraid to take the first step, stand out and be seen, or decide to take calculated risks.

These limitations can have a damaging effect on our self-esteem, confidence, and success in life. Dragging us deeper and deeper into the depths of unhappiness and living an unfulfilled life.

If this is where you are at right now and your fears, self-doubt, and sabotage are making your choices for you, then the Courageous You Course is the perfect antidote.

What you can expect from the 'Courageous You' Course

Yes, this is an online course so you get to follow along in your own time but you won't be alone. I will be right there with you in the Facebook group to support you through the process. Allow me to guide you through the five powerful steps to creating more courage in your life and by the end of the course you will:

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    Have all the tools and support to be brave and bold in any situation

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    Know how to recognise your fears - knowledge equals power

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    Have the courage to take each brave step you need to

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    Banish self-doubts and replace them with couragous actions

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    Be able to confidently make decisions to create a better future

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    Be brave enough to let your true self shine

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Gain access to the 'courageous you' course right now

**As a SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS to say Thank You for purchasing the Courage to be Brave eBook use the coupon: Courage20 at checkout to receive an extra $20 off this price**

What's included in the Courageous You Course:

Tegan Marshall With Courage To Be Brave Course Workbook
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    6 step-by-step videos guiding you through the Creating Courage System

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    Lifetime access to the Courageous You Course content

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    18 page workbook to ensure you put what you learn into practice

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    Video copy notes for those who prefer to read and learn

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    Access to private Facebook group for additional support


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    Where all the courage you had as a child has gone to

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    The part of your brain that creates your fears and how it works

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    An introduction to your Fear Monkey and her number one job

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    When it's a good idea to be afraid and when it's not so good

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    How to creat and grow your courage muscle to be strong

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    How to instantly reduce the power your fear has over you


Courage To Be Brave Course By Tegan Marshall Day Two Be Kind To Yourself
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    How to use your fears to drive you forward instead of keeping you stuck

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    How your fears physically effect your body, mind and spirit

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    The cost of your fears and why you must find a way to master them

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    Using your fears as opportunities to honour yourself and what matters to you most

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    Why it's important to be kind to yourself through the process


Courage To Be Brave Course By Tegan Marshall Day Three Inspiring Others
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    The difference between excitement and fear

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    How having courage can increase your creativity and innovation

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    The benefits of being prepared and how to use it to your advantage

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    How you being brave can inspire those around you to be as well

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    What life looks like as th courageous new you


Child Acts Like A Superhero To Save The World
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    How to recognise when fear is in control of your mind & body

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    Creating your very own courageous plan of action

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    Using your Fear Monkey to grow your confidence

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    The complete Creating Courage System in easy to use format

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    The final and important step towards mastering your fears

Gain access to the 'courageous you' course right now

**As a SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS to say Thank You for purchasing the Courage to be Brave eBook use the coupon: Courage20 at checkout to receive an extra $20 off this price**


Tegan Marshall - creator of Facing Fears and published author, speaker and motivator

Everyone needs a safe space to be able to feel they can step into their courageous new self. I'm Tegan and I'm here to create that for you.

There will be doubters, negative Nellies, and rear view reminders and you don't need them feeding your own self-doubts, making them larger than they are.

So I'm here to be that one person who believes in you when no one else does.

For the past twelve plus years, I've been supporting women just like you who had a dream but couldn't find the inner bravery they needed to take the first step.

I've stood beside them as they stepped into the unknown. Held their hand when they needed a bit of extra guidance. And celebrated with them on the other side of fear.

What you can expect from me

I am your biggest fan already because you are choosing to make a change in your life. I will be your loudest cheerleader. Your confidential buddy. Your motivator to keep you moving forward when it gets a bit icky.

And yes, it may get a bit icky because dealing with your Fear Monkey® can get tricky sometimes. But the rewards FAR outway the short stints of uncomfortableness.

That feeling when you've mastered your fear and it no longer has any hold over you is the most incredibly powerful experience. One that I want you to become familiar with.

What I'll ask of you

I will only ever ask for three things from you: to always be kind to yourself and others, to stick with it when the going gets tough, and to always be honest with both you and me.

OK I might also ask you for a testimonial or some feedback from time to time too but that's it 🙂

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I just wanted to say thank you so much Tegan for creating this program. I'm only in my first month and my life has completely changed for the better. I found the courage to leave the job I hated and got a much better one with a wonderful company where I am valued plus my relationship with my partner and his family has improved out of sight. I can't wait to see what else will happen this year. Thanks again.

Caroline, Melbourne, AU