• Removing the mask
  • The gift of receiving
  • Big girls do cry
  • Being my own best friend
  • Putting me first
  • Choosing to leave
  • Deciding you can
  • Facing the dark monster
  • Normal vs unique
  • What's your trigger
  • The new you


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This candid true story of overcoming adversity, enormous tenacity and sheer courage will inspire you to face your own fears and create the freedom you've always strived for.

Do you look like superwoman on the outside but inside you feel out of control?

Are you tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, or simply unhappy with the life you have?

In Facing Fears you will discover how to recognise, understand and master that voice that says 'you can't' or 'you shouldn't' or fills your head with negative "What if's".

Each chapter includes exercises to overcome your own fears plus a piece of Tegan's personal journey, where she shares what she has learned as she overcame childhood sexual abuse, bullying, loneliness, rape, suicide and much more to create the life she has today.

Download your copy of Facing Fears and uncover the hidden secrets to more confidence, courage and a greater connection with your true self.

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Each chapter is divided into three parts. The first is Tegan's personal story, the second is the lessons learnt and the third is a selection of powerful and practical exercises to enable you to:

  • Believe that you are enough
  • Have the courage to put you first
  • Love and accept your unique gifts
  • Be brave enough to take the next step
  • Speak up confidently for what you want
  • Stop hiding the real you behind the mask

andrew-1 “This is a book that can change your life in so many ways. An offer made by many books, but rarely delivered. It will be confronting, sad, wonderful and hugely inspiring at the same time.”
Andrew Griffiths
International bestselling author |speaker |mentor

"Tegan's book is confronting, thought provoking and a powerful read. Powerful in that it causes you to reflect on yourself and instills the belief that we all can grow more wherever on our life journey we are. I recommend this read for every adult female." - Alison McGrath

About the Author Tegan Mathews (Now Tegan Marshall)

about tegan mathewsTegan walked away from the only family she had ever known as a teenager, after enduring many years of sexual abuse.

She's learned to deal with bullying, loneliness, suicide, rape and losing everything she owned after her dream business failed.

Throughout her journey in life, Tegan has found a way to thrive despite her roller coaster of highs and lows.

Now a successful business woman, with a loving fiance and an inspiring lifestyle, she shares what she has learned, in the hope of inspiring others to not hide in the shadows of their fears.

Tegan now divides her time between traveling, her businesses, The Fearless Females Podcast, and speaking engagements. Shining the light on child abuse and inspiring other women to share their own inspiring stories without shame or guilt whilst supporting various charities that align with her purpose.