Gain instant access to the 5 day F.R.E.Edom challenge to find out exactly what you need to do in each area of your life to prepare for a life of fulltime Luxury Travel

What we'll cover:

How to set up your work, finances, income, health & house

Discover the most important critical step you need to complete in each of these areas of your life in order to be prepared for the lifestyle of freedom and travel

Luxury tips, tricks, and mindset hacks to reduce your costs

All the secrets we've learned over the past five years of traveling that help you find the luxury places but for budget prices so you can keep your costs low without compromising comfort

Create a plan to ensure you won't jeopardize your retirement

Simple strategies we use to plan our year which minimizes risks to your retirement fund, provide clarity & confidence, and has positioned us for success every year for the past five years

How it's delivered

Once you decide to join you'll gain instant access to all 5 videos. Each video is just ten-minutes and comes with an action-taking task for you to complete.

Each task will take you less than 30 minutes to complete and by the end of the 5 days, you'll have a clear action plan for what you need to do to prepare your life for your dream full-time travel lifestyle.

By the end of the five days

You'll have a clear action plan for planning out your
dream lifestyle of freedom and lifestyle

Meet your hosts: Tegan & Clark

Seven years ago we made the decision we wanted to live our best life now while we were still young enough to enjoy it.

Two years later we bought a one-way ticket around the world and haven't looked back since. Best decision ever!

With five years of experience under our well-worn belts, we love busting the myths about what it takes to live the ultimate dream of a full-time travel lifestyle and helping others find the courage to turn their dream into reality.

Blogging - only if we want to!

Backpacking - heck no!

Selfies - Ewww!

MLM - No thanks!

What is a freedom lifestyle?

Living your truly magnificent dream life now, instead of waiting til retirement

No more commute - work from anywhere

Change location whenever you want

See the world in comfort & luxury

Create your own security - be your own boss

Swap your cubicle lunch break for a walk on the beach

Create a lifestyle that feels like a permanent vacation

And do it all without using your savings

Imagine what it will feel like...

This time next year, having the freedom to choose a new exotic location to live for the next few months. One that's been on your bucket list your entire life.

No begging your boss for the extra time off. No cubicle to return to afterwards with the holiday blues. You get to choose because you are in control. 

To wake up every morning and have the time to choose to do yoga or go for a beach walk with your partner. All before a leisurely breakfast.

No more commuting for hours. No more rushing to get everything done. You get to do what you want, to your own schedule.  

To feel safe and secure knowing you are earning enough to not only pay for your new freedom lifestyle but also to put away plenty for your retirement. 

No more stressful expense overwhelm. No more waiting to start living. You get to live your dream life now.

Do it while you're still young enough to enjoy it