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20 Ways to Reduce Fear and Anxiety

Use these twenty proven ways to conquer your fears today. Whether it's the fear of surviving, fear of speaking up or standing out, or the fear of making a mistake, use this guide and refer to it again and again in any situation. Take back control of your life and release yourself from the shackles of fear that are holding you back from moving forward.

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    Take back control. This is your life and you deserve to live it on your terms, not stuck in the reactions to past or current experiences. Take control & find your freedom.

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    Overcome your fears. Through taking action, you can begin to experience the confidence and freedom you truly crave. Fear cannot exist in parallel with action.

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    No more self-sabotage. Learn how to appreciate who you truly are and how you can quiet the self-sabotaging voice in your head and move forward as your authentic self.

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    Appreciate who you are. Through kindness, positive self-talk, managing your mindset, there are so many ways you can conquer your fears. Now & always.

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    Calm your anxiety. Move forward through life with confidence and the courage to do or experience anything you want to, regardless of your current environment.

Make this year the year you fear-less

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About the Author: Tegan Marshall

Tegan is a Certified Fearless Living Coach with over twelve years experience coaching women on how to face their fears in life and in business. Her highly abusive childhood has not held her back but did create her own set of fears she has had to face. An entrepreneur from the age of fourteen she now lives the lifestyle of her dreams travelling the globe permanently with her husband Clark whilst running three successful companies. A published author you can read more about Tegan's personal story in her inspirational first book Facing Fears.

What People are Saying

I loved it, it's so simple really. Can't wait to read your book.

Sarah, Germany

It makes perfect sense to me now why I'm so hard on myself, but no more!

Josie, CA USA

I printed it out and put it on my wall to remind me to be fearless. 

Mona, QLD Australia

Loved the action steps. I'm done with fear. Bring on freedom.

Janelle, Bali Indonesia