012: Facing Fear of Dying – Marine L Rot

The Fearless Females Podcast - Marine L Rot

The Fearless Females Podcast - Marine Rot

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In this episode:

In this episode of The Fearless Females Podcast your host Tegan Mathews interviews Marine L Rot who shares:

  • How close she came to dying and what that felt like for her
  • How she had foreseen the experience in nightmares prior to that day
  • Learning to let go of the drama and discovering what’s important in life
  • Saying yes to life and going for it
  • How she now travels the world helping others to live more from their hearts

Tegan’s Take Aways:

  1. That there is nothing to fear with dying, it’s just like letting go
  2. Say yes to life and follow your heart and the opportunities will come
  3. What you think you are searching for is actually within you
  4. Let go of the drama and stop complicating your life
  5. I’ve said this one before in a previous episode but it’s just so true…Connect with your heart – it is there you will find all of the answers you’re searching for

About Marine L Rot

The Co-founder of BeMore Academy, an award-winning Art Director and Coach, Marine is a Muse, who has been blending visual talents & emotional intelligence to empower women entrepreneurs to awaken to their creative nature. Her last decade’s work includes the collaboration with Celine and Evian, publishing books and programs that encompass both business & personal development. She has been featured by Galeries Lafayettes and international media, nominated as one of the most prominent artists in France, and invited by the former French president, J. Chirac.

Deeply sensitive to her inner world, she sees the unseen and envisions signature products that harmonize her clients’ lives and brands just the right way. She uses her heart-space while connecting and working with people so that they can re-connect to their own inherent heart wisdom and step into their greatness.

Her NDE in Hawaii has reinforced her life mission in assisting women in their own transformations and guiding them to live their purpose and create a legacy.

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Show Notes: Episode 012: Facing Fear of Dying- Marine L Rot

Marine L Rot’s Fearless Story

  • I was in Hawaii with my partner
  • We were enjoying some time on the beach
  • After a while, I got caught in the ocean
  • It could be taken as a dramatic experience but I look at it as a gift
  • I was in the ocean and the waves kept coming and coming and my oxygen was getting lower
  • I knew that my friends wouldn’t be able to help me
  • So you were caught in a rip? Yes
  • Actually, I had been having that nightmare for a couple of years before that the end of the world would happen after a huge wave
  • And so when I was under the water I was thinking about that dream and I kind of knew that it was the end of my world
  • So it was interesting how that dream and my reality came together
  • After a while, though, my friends managed to pull me back to shore and save me
  • And I thought I was fine but then I started to leave my physical body
  • And this is where the journey started to happen
  • The first was when I was under the water and I had to let go of my doubts and my life and I was really ready to let it go
  • And when they rescued me I thought, ok good, I’m alive
  • But all of my senses started to shut down
  • My eyes were wide open but I couldn’t hear anymore and I couldn’t see any more
  • And I felt like I was leaving my physical body and I saw myself from the top
  • Like you were looking down on your body and what was going on? Yes
  • And I reached a point that was like the very last few seconds where it felt like I had one very last wish, that is how it felt
  • It felt like I was travelling through the universe with black all around me and the stars
  • And it just felt like I could say one last thing so I said to my friends, there were four of them, to stand around me
  • And then I thought it was done and I was grateful for it all
  • Then my friends stood as I had asked them and as if intuitively, they put their hands on my body and in a second I came back
  • It was quite a journey!
  • I have no idea how much time I was there but that was my journey and experience
  • Did you have a fear of dying before that?
  • Not of dying exactly but before that when I was near the ocean I would feel a lot of love for it and a lot of fear
  • So it was like my greatest love and my greatest fear
  • So this recurring nightmare always put me in the position of being afraid of dying and the end of the world
  • This was three years ago

What are the gifts you received from this experience?

  • Since then it has changed pretty much everything
  • Actually, the entire trip to Hawaii changed my life, not just the near death experience
  • Within a couple of days, I had this sense of inner deep peace that I had never had before
  • A real sense of connection with life and everything that was and just grateful for everything
  • After that, I stopped making it complicated
  • Before that, I had been trying to find my life and purpose of why I was here
  • But when you get so near to death you realise it’s all perfect and you don’t need to keep running and searching because it’s not outside
  • I finally had a feeling of peace within myself
  • That’s a feeling we would all like to have and I think it’s always something we are searching for until we have an AHA moment and realise that don’t need to look outside ourselves and all we need is within us if we just connect within ourselves
  • We don’t necessarily have to experience the same as what you did but that was obviously what the universe had planned for you
  • I agree, we don’t all need a dramatic experience
  • And it has made me realise the struggles of everyone, that deep sense of fear that we all have, that fear of death
  • And this is now how I can help others because I reached that point

Most Memorable Moment

  • When I was invited by the former French president
  • It was the answer which after I was really following my heart
  • I was applying to different projects and I got awarded
  • It was a fashion contest
  • And I really felt like I was aligned and I was listening to my inner calling
  • What my heart was desiring the most at that time
  • I was working for a really big fashion label which was my dream at that time
  • And I got invited by the former French president and met all these wonderful people
  • This all happened within a few weeks to me saying yes to who I truly was
  • Being in alignment opens up opportunities that flow a lot easier
  • Although this is very different to the life I have now, it is really about saying yes, a full yes and the universe really responds to it

What are you passionate about today?

  • Well, yes freedom
  • My partner and I, since leaving Hawaii and moving to Bali have turned around our business which was location based design agency
  • We realised we really want to be travelling, following our hearts and answering that calling on a day to day basis
  • So what we wanted to do was to be location independent and really travel a lot
  • So we have moved from our office to being able to travel anywhere and we are now coaching heart centred entrepreneurs to create more meaning and freedom in their lives
  • It’s a little bit of mindset and strategy and a lot of energy work also

What is something in your future plan that scares you

  • I would say, speaking
  • We have been invited to speak at a couple of events and my partner is a really good speaker but I am more of a writer
  • However, I realise that I have to do more speaking to get my message out
  • This is why I was triggered, curious and excited to be featured in your podcast so thank you for the opportunity

Five Fast Fun Fearless Facts about Marine Rot

  1. Who inspires you? Anyone who shows up and is honest about their hearts desires
  2. Favourite thing to do each day? Morning ritual of fitness and stretching, swimming and coconut water
  3. What’s something that still scares you? Riding the motorcycle around in the crazy traffic of Bali
  4. Favourite technique or app or book? It’s a technique that we have developed around expressing your fears as you are noticing them, describing your thoughts, and what your body is feeling
  5. If you could wave a magic wand and fix one thing in the world right now, what would it be and why? Self-doubt, doubt that we are not enough!

Final Question

If you could turn back time what’s the one piece of advice you wish you could give your fourteen-year-old self?

  • Relax
  • You are loved!

Where can people reach out to you? www.bemoreacademy.com

A Gift for Listeners From Marine L Rot:

Instant access to one complete module from the six-week Be More Academy Clarity program. This module will help you to gain clarity around your purpose and start living it. It’s about your mindset and your core values.

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