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I didn’t choose my past and I was determined it wouldn’t choose my future.

Note: this was an impromptu speech without any preparation, live on the spot.

Tegan as a Speaker

As a child Tegan was silenced. Her adoptive parents believed children shouldn’t be seen or heard so it took her many years to overcome her anxiety associated with speaking up even in a small environment or group of people, let alone to a large audience.

Today Tegan graces the stage with so much elegance, professionalism and charisma that you would never know she was once too afraid to speak at all. She not only ensures her audience receives the relevant message but that it is delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Her courage to be vulnerable and real creates authentic speeches that are inspiring even to the most seasoned audience and consequently, no two keynotes are ever quite the same.

Tegan takes the time before hand to prepare by researching the target audience and will arrive prior to the event to meet and get to know some of  the attendees in person which enables her to engage the audience even further with real life and relevant audience examples where possible.

The ultimate professional, it’s important to Tegan that she contributes positively to the success of your event and having been an event organiser previously she is solution based should any issues arise unexpectedly and can handle it in her stride (no diva’s here!).

Finding courage to walk away

One of the most astounding things about Tegan Mathews is the courage she had to walk away from the only family she had ever known at fourteen and choose a life of loneliness over abuse. In this keynote, she shares her journey and the strategies she used to make the decision and take the action and the benefits that followed. An inspirational story that will give anyone who is in an unhealthy situation (relationship, business, opportunity) the tools they need to walk away with their head held high. For everyone else this keynote provides important points on what to watch out for to ensure you don’t end up in a situation you don’t want to be in, plus the inspiration to take on anything life throws you.

Facing fears and flying high

Twelve years ago Tegan recognised that it was fear that was keeping her small, creating her self-doubt, and making the decisions in her life. In this keynote she shares how you too can recognise the symptoms of fear and Tegan gives her seven step process on how to face those fears when they show up. Attendees will walk away with seven clearly defined steps they can use to face any fear, together with the benefits that can be found on the other side of their comfort zone. Highlighted throughout are some of Tegans personal experiences which makes for a touching and engaging speech, and at times, highly entertaining. This is Tegan’s signature keynote presentation and is one that is not to be missed for any audience.

Removing the mask to reveal you

All of us hide behind a mask of some description, some are thicker than others and some people, like Tegan previously, wear several masks to protect their true self. But are you really protecting yourself from harm or are you causing more harm by not letting your true self shine through? This keynote raises these questions and will have your attendees inspired to be more of themselves. Each person will walk away with more confidence, tips and tools to speak up more authentically, as well as an arsenal of practical exercises to provide them with the courage they need in any situation to let their true selves shine. There’s everything from flipping pancakes and what if’s, through to feeding your fear monkey or gorilla in this motivational presentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tegan’s travel schedule is wide and varied so the chances of her being in your country are pretty good. She generally travels to Australia and New Zealand for one to two months of the year, Europe for three months, America for two to three months, and somewhere else for the remainder. Because she loves summer, you generally won't find her anywhere cold so it is best to schedule her for during the summer months. Usually her calendar is organised for twelve months in advance and she travels to different countries almost every year so chances are she can be in your city at some point in the next twelve months. The best thing to do is to contact her and you can then discuss how to best bring your two schedules together.

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