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I didn\'t choose my past and I was determined it wouldn\'t choose my future.

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Tegan as a speaker

As a child Tegan was silenced. Her adoptive parents believed children shouldn\'t be seen or heard so it took her many years to overcome her anxiety associated with speaking up even in a small environment or group of people, let alone to a large audience.

Today Tegan graces the stage with so much elegance, professionalism and charisma that you would never know she was once too afraid to speak at all. She not only ensures her audience receives the relevant message but that it is delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Her courage to be vulnerable and real creates authentic speeches that are inspiring even to the most seasoned audience and consequently, no two keynotes are ever quite the same.

Tegan takes the time beforehand to prepare by researching the target audience and will arrive prior to the event to meet and get to know some of the attendees in person which enables her to engage the audience even further with real life and relevant audience examples where possible.

The ultimate professional, it\'s important to Tegan that she contributes positively to the success of your event. Having been an event organiser previously she is solution based should any issues arise unexpectedly and can handle it in her stride (no diva\'s here!).

Contact Tegan to discuss the possibility of having her speak at your next event and you'll be glad that you did.

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Examples of Tegan speaking

Note: this was an impromptu speech (with zero preparation!). The topic: "Fresh start"

Another impromptu speech. The topic: "Blessings in Disguise"

Potential Topics to Consider:

Speaking is all about engaging the audience. Therefore, each speech is customised to the audience and these are merely topics to consider.

Putting me first

One of the most astounding things about Tegan Marshall is the courage she had to walk away from her adoptive family at fourteen and choose a life of loneliness over one of abuse.

In this keynote, she shares the strategies she used to make the decision and take the action and the benefits that followed. An inspirational story that will serve as a reminder to always put yourself first, how important setting boundaries is, and how to muster courage in difficult situations.

Both entertaining and enlightening your audience is sure to walk away with a sense they can achieve anything they set their mind to and knowing there is always a choice.  

Freedom from Fear

Twelve years ago Tegan recognised that it was fear that was keeping her small, creating her self-doubt, and making the decisions in her life. In this keynote, she shares how to recognise the symptoms of fear and her signature seven-step Freedom method to face those fears when they show up.

Attendees will walk away with a clearly defined process they can use to face any fear, together with the benefits that can be found on the other side of their comfort zone.

Highlighted throughout are some of Tegans personal experiences which makes for a touching and engaging speech, and at times, highly entertaining. This is Tegan's signature keynote presentation and is one that is not to be missed for any audience.

Courage to Travel

Seven years ago Tegan and her husband decided that the conventional life of working to pay the bills and waiting til retirement before you could enjoy your life just wasn't going to work for them.

So they set out a plan to simplify their lives, turn their businesses online, and buy a one way ticket around the world. It took immense courage to go against the beliefs of their family and friends.

Five years, seventeen countries, and many heartwarming experiences later it's still the best decision they've ever made. In this entertaining keynote, Tegan covers the planning that was required, the courage that was needed, and some of the adventures they've shared.

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Hi I'm Tegan

As a young adult, I didn't have the courage to speak up. Now I've found my voice I've come to realise I need to speak to make a difference.

Whether it's a keynote presentation, a guest appearance on a podcast, running a workshop, or sharing at a networking event, I've been told I am engaging & enjoyable to listen to.

It may be my entertaining personality (apparently I have one of those LOL) but I like to think it's because I am committed to being real, professional, and above all motivational.

I tailor my speeches to the audience and enjoy making people think, feel, laugh and take action. I've even won some awards for it.

Thanks for finding out a little about me and I look forward to connecting with your audience sometime in the future.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Because Tegan travels perpetually, it's best to book twelve months in advance. If you require her to speak at an event with less lead time then contact her immediately and she can discuss the possibility with you.

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