Surrender and let go to grow

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It’s natural to build walls around our hearts and souls to protect us as we navigate through life’s adventures and challenges. It’s natural but it doesn’t always serve us. In the height of the moment it is definitely necessary but to really experience all there is to this life we must surrender and let go to grow.

I have just completed a session with the incredible Ange de Lumiere and yes, there were tears. But they were healing tears. Tears of letting go of past traumas. Tears of joy for a future where I am more connected with who I am. These kinds of tears are good tears.

You see, like a lot of people, after experiencing trauma I built a brick wall two metres thick around me. And I have kept that wall up for so long to protect myself. And it did, initially.

But then it just held me back. It stopped me from experiencing the depth of love and connection we all need to have in order to have a fulfilling life. It held me back from living on purpose.

Time to surrender and let go to grow

At the beginning of this year I committed to being more vulnerable. To being brave enough to try new things, like really unusual things. Not just scary things but things that I knew nothing about. I committed to being more of me. And to discovering who that was.

As I have faced the daunting realisation of my fiftieth year on this planet I suddenly realised that I didn’t know who that was. Six months later and I’m still learning, and that’s totally ok.

To work out who I am and to step into the greatness of who I am I’ve had to be brave and surrender. To trust. To let go. To get curious about things. And to trust some more. Both myself and others.

Place your trust in others

I have had the honour of working with an incredible group of women who have each played an integral part in my journey to get me to where I am today and there will be more who join me as I grow into my future.

But I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t surrendered to their gifts and surrendered to allowing them into my walled castle.

Allowed them to get close to me and to see me. To see my soul. To trust their gifts and be open and vulnerable to anything that showed up.

With a wall around you, nothing and no one can get in. But you can’t get out either.

Now, every day I am excited for the person I am discovering is me. I’m discovering how brave I can be. What gifts I have for this world. And how good it is to be me.

To find yourself, to find your purpose, to find your flow, you must surrender all that you know and be willing and open to learning something new.

Pegasus carried me

Today I learnt what a Pegasus is. (I will leave it for you to research that one if you want to). And I allowed Pegaus to carry me safely as I uncovered the reason I have always felt unsafe. To do that though I had to let down my guard and surrender to the universe’s path.

I’m so glad I did and I invite you to do the same.

Surrender to trying something completely different that you know nothing or very little about.

Surrender and trust someone else with a piece of your journey.

There is no wrong step that you can make. You are safe. You are loved. You are strong.

Surrender and let go to grow.

With love
Tegan xo