Tech Freedom with Tegan

Helping women my age (50+) choose and use the best tech for building their online business

Are tech challenges holding you back from growing your business online?

I understand what it's like to sit there feeling frozen in overwhelm staring at your screen. Too many options to choose from. Feeling stupid because you don't know how they work. Often it becomes too much so you just leave it or end up in tears.

It doesn't have to be that way any more!

Think of me as your online tech best friend

Simple Systems

I provide practical real-life advice on the most cost-effective and easy to use systems. From automating funnels to booking systems & more. I'm here to help.

Wonderful Websites

Receive the guidance and support you've always wanted to create a wonderful website on WordPress or any platform. Either DIY or my team can do it for you.

Recurring Income

Connect and grow your ideal tribe with exclusive content & courses while growing your recurring income. I'll show you how to do it the simple and easy way.

What Vanessa has to say:

I just had a session with Tegan and she helped me so much. Being a therapist, the techie side (websites and SEO etc) is a completely foreign language to me. And I was really stuck because I needed a landing page and a freebie. I had created a training session for people but I had no idea how to get it out there and get people to sign in. She has massively helped me to see my website wasn’t built in a way that wouldn’t attract any people. She has made it really easy for me to understand and easy for me to know what I need to do and then I can start getting clients onboard. Yay! I’m so so chuffed. You know when a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It’s made my life a whole lot easier.Vanessa McLennan Binge Eating Therapist

Your first session is on the house (free) no strings attached

Ask me anything to do with tech, marketing, websites or business for 30 minutes

Tegan Mathews Turquoise Wings

Who am I

I'm glad you asked. My name is Tegan (you probably guessed that from the title "Tech Freedom with Tegan") and ironically I am not your typical techie. In fact, I'm just like you. A normal everyday person who has had to navigate the online world for the past twelve years in order to start and grow her businesses.

I used to struggle for hours (and sometimes days) with the tech side of business and dream of having a geek "knight in shining armour" to help me. I felt so blessed eight years ago when I found one, so I married him!

Together we have carved out our ultimate lifestyle of working online and traveling the world full-time and I love nothing more than sharing what I've learnt with other women my age to help them overcome their tech challenges.

Who would have guessed that this non-geek farm girl from the outback could one day be a partner in two tech companies and a co-founder in another? But here I am! And if I can do it then so can you! And the good news is that by working with me you get access to my tech teams too.

Let me help you reduce your struggle, remove frustration, build confidence and create real results

Thanks for taking the time to talk me through what a funnel is. I've now created three different ones. I'm on a roll.

-  Megan

OMG, you took me from crazy woman to calm within 30 minutes. Who knew it could be so easy. Thanks a whole bunch Tegan and your team.

- Adelle

You're always so available to help me. I've never had this type of support before. It's made all the difference to me and my business. My kids now remember who I am. Thank you Tegan.

- Fiona

Ready to finally take control of the tech in your business?

Technology, systems and software is only confusing if you don't understand it. If it's explained to you by someone who can talk to you in a non-techie language then you will walk away feeling empowered and in control

What Heather has to say:

I recently had a conversation with Tegan and she reviewed the flow of my website. She was on there for two seconds and was able to find how it wasn’t flowing so well. Your visitor experience. As an entrepreneur you know that if people are getting to your website you want them to stay on there and their experience to be amazing. That they know where to go and what you want them to do but they are making the choice to do it. Tegan helped clarify so much of this for me. She went through step by step on how I can improve this. She showed me how on my home page I was giving them too many options. She’s so fun to work with and nice to work with. I get intimidated by this techie stuff and she made it so approachable and within half an hour after our call I was able to implement what she had suggested. So, it meant it wasn’t overwhelming. I was able to do it. So, if you have been thinking about setting up a call with Tegan I highly suggest that you do.

.Heather Dempsey Specialist in empath and introvert business success

Your first session is on the house (free) no strings attached

Ask me anything to do with tech, marketing, websites or business for 30 minutes