from unwanted to enough

A dear friend of mine wanted to skydive for her significant birthday. She lives in the USA. No one else would go with her so I took a deep breath and said I would.

On the way up I was stuck at the back end of the plane and it seemed to take forever until we were high enough to jump. We edged out onto the wing, took a deep breath and jumped.

Best thing I've ever done! What an adrenalin rush and a brilliant analogy for life. Now, when something scares me, I first make a plan and then when it comes time to take action I think of that day, take a deep breath and jump. 



A lot of people grow up around water. I wasn't that fortunate. Instead I grew up on a large farm where the nearest water was a creek or a friends pool.

After a near drowning experience, I didn't return to the water again until I was an adult. By then I had a deep set fear that if my face was submerged in water, I believed I would drown. I couldn't even open my mouth when under the shower.

Whilst on a cruise I overcame this fear. With determination and commitment, and the support of the dive crew, I learnt to dive. My first dive was in Vanuatu and I have since dived in Hawaii, Cozumel and Great Barrier Reef. Plus, I can now snorkel and Kitesurf as well. 


Tegans Adventures Snorkelling


fearless in business

Having completed the shorter version of the Firewalk in Australia, whilst in Hawaii I had the opportunity to face the five metre walk. This challenged my thinking as to what I was physically capable of. Doubts surfaced and it took some time to address those.

As I broke each one down and looked at it logically I soon came to realise that the reality was, if I decided in my mind that I could do it, then it was possible. I had to let go of the 'how' and trust the power of my thoughts.

Once I was certain in my mind that I could do it, I took a deep breath and walked across those burning coals like I was on a Sunday stroll. At the other end I celebrated no burns and the realisation that if I set my mind to believe I could do something, then I could make it happen. 


Recently I had the opportunity to become a navigator in a Jet Sprinting boat. These boats are truly amazing with their power to weight ration. They can reach speeds of over a hundred kilometres within a couple of seconds. 

They are raced on a track barely wide enough and with corners that create g-forces equivalent to those in a jet plane. So far in my life, this sport has created the biggest adrenalin rush and with the constant fear of crashing (which happens regularly) it gave me an opportunity to test all my Facing Fears resources.

The reality is, although it is a fast paced sport with lots of thrills and spills, it is also the safest adrenalin sport reporting the smallest amount of injuries and no deaths to date. I highly recommend it. 


Tegans Adventures Jetsprinting


tegan mathews

I have always been someone who regularly pushes her boundaries in order to continually stretch my comfort zone. Given the opportunity to break a thick wooden board with my bare hands was one of them.

I was devastated when I didn't do it the first go but if I reflect honestly with myself, my mind wasn't clear enough at the time. Once I focused my energy on the completion of the task I smashed through it effortlessly.

Years later I was given the opportunity to have the point of an arrow placed on the soft part of the front of my neck and when I was ready, the entire weight of my buddy was pushed against the arrow. Instead of stabbing me through my throat, with the power of my mind, I broke it. Proving yet again, just how strong our minds can be.



I was a late starter to the world of travel. It wasn't until my late twenties when I went on my very first plane ride with my then boyfriend. It was a rough flight but he sat beside me as calm as could be. This was the best thing he could have done because every other flight since I have always enjoyed.

For the majority of my thirties I wasn't in a relationship and rarely had friends who could travel when I could. So, I had the choice of not travelling at all, or going it alone. I chose to travel rather than wait for a travel partner.

Yes, it was scary and yes it was confronting at times such as when I was in Italy they couldn't understand I just wanted a table for one. But it was well worth it and I got to see so many wonderful places in the world, all because I decided I could do it on my own and found a way to make it happen. 


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