Keeping your passion for travel ignited

A welcome distraction from the current status quo

(We may not be able to travel at the moment but it doesn't mean we can't still dream, reminisce & prepare)

Virtual Tours

Escape from reality and be inspired by joining our virtual tours to different locations throughout the world. Join in live and add your experiences or watch it later.

Travel Blogs

Lose yourself in the images and words as we share our adventures from around the world over the past five years. Laugh at our mishaps and connect with our journeys.

5 Day F.R.E.Edom Challenge

Join us for 5 magical days and discover what areas of your life you need to prepare to live a Freedom Lifestyle. Walk away with an action plan to make it a reality.

5 day F.R.E.E.dom Lifestyle Challenge

Are you ready for your dream life to begin?

During the 5 days, we will take you through what you need to do in each area of your life to be able to live a lifestyle of freedom (and travel once we can again).

From finances and income through to what to do with your house and all your stuff. We'll even cover dealing with family and friends if they aren't being supportive of your new choices.

If you're already working towards your freedom lifestyle but haven't quite made it there yet then this will give you what's missing and if you're just starting out then this will give you the whole plan.

DATE: Catch the replay Here 

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Join us on a virtual tour

New destinations

Every month we choose a new destination and map out a tour based on our personal adventures, friends' experiences and local knowledge. Then we collate images, videos, and commentary into a live webinar format that will walk you through the landscape views, food experiences, connections with the local people, and the culture of that location.


Join in the LIVE conversation by adding your own comments and sharing your experiences and stories of that particular location. Or you can watch it later and simply be transported away from your current situation.

Leave uplifted & inspired

Our intention is by the end of the virtual tour you will have had a laugh at some of our mishaps, connected with another culture, and maybe even reminisced if you happen to have visited that location before. You'll leave feeling more relaxed, having escaped from reality for a little while, and your passion for travel will have been re-ignited and remains with you as you go about your day.

How it works

Click the images to your right here and link through to previous tours OR register below and you'll receive a link in your inbox to the next tour plus all future tours too.

Then either join us "LIVE" at the designated time by clicking on the link provided to you via email (on your computer or phone) and then sit back and watch as we walk you through the landscape, food, people, and culture of that location.

OR you can watch it later when the recording is sent in a link into your inbox.

Either way, we hope you enjoy our tours as much as we love presenting them for you and we hope they bring you some joy and inspiration during these challenging times.

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NEXT TOUR: You just missed the tour of Thailand

Join us as we take you on a virtual tour of the magical country of Thailand. We start in the northern tropical oasis of Chiang Mai, visit the hustling city of Bangkok, and then head south to the island of Phuket plus a couple of other little hidden gems along the way.

DATE: Watch the replay

(You just missed this virtual tour but you can watch the replay)

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The Courage to Travel Course

Turn your dream into reality

If you spend your days dreaming of far-off lands but don't want to jeapordise your retirement, and definitely don't want to backpack, blog, or become an influencer to turn your dream of a freedom lifestyle into reality then we have some good news for you!

We have turned our experience of five years of traveling the globe full-time, plus the two years of preparation before that, into an online course so that you can prepare your life and business so you can travel the world (when we can again) stress-free and comfortably.

Everything you'll ever need

We take you through the different stages and hold your hand all the way through the process.

From clarifying your dream, what freedom means to you, and your travel style through to the planning, budgeting, what to do with the house, setting a deadline, dealing with family, and everything else in between.

Not for the backpacking twenty somethings

This course has been designed for the more mature person because that's us. We know what it's like to have adult responsibilities and we also don't believe in going without, carrying a backpack everywhere, or staying in less than comfortable places.

We are all about comfort, slow pace, and not using your savings!

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Courage to Travel Course

The step by step guide to preparing your life now for freedom to travel later

Let us take you by the hand and help you navigate all the things you need to sort out so that you can create your ultimate dream lifestyle of freedom and travel (when we can again).

Jam-packed full of information, videos, checklists, and workbooks, you'll love this one of a kind course that's been designed for the more mature person (Not for Millenials, more Gen-X's) because we have different responsibilities, wants and needs than we did when we were in our twenties.

** No backpacking ** No camping ** No being frugal ** No selfies required **



Hi and welcome to our world

In 2013 after dating for only three months we set off on our first adventure together - a road trip across America. Two years later we took the brave step of getting rid of all our 'stuff', changing our bricks-and-mortar business to online, and buying a one-way ticket around the world.

Five years on, (17 countries, a gazillion miles, and three thriving businesses), besides getting married, that was the best decision we've ever made!

Now, due to the worldwide pandemic we are currently hunkered down in southern Mexico to ride out this Coronavirus and enjoy the Caribbean Sea. We know that the world of travel will return ("this too shall pass" as they say) and we will be ready to snatch up super bargains and help support the tourism industry to get back on its feet.

In the meantime, to give people something to take their mind off what's happening we are creating virtual tours, blogs, and even a podcast for you to escape into. Plus, we've poured everything we've learned over the past seven years into our Courage to Travel Course to help people prepare their life now for travel later when we can.

It is our hope that something good will come from this awful situation and if nothing else, it will serve as a reminder of what's really important to us, connection, and our health.

Don't let this stop you from creating the life you truly want ...while you are still young enough to enjoy it.

With love and kindness always,

Tegan and Clark

Here's a quick snapshot of our freedom lifestyle

Tegan Marshall Helicopter New Zealand For Courage To Travel Scaled
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Live Discovery Webinar

Find out how we created the ultimate freedom lifestyle and how you can do it too

We are peeling back the lid on how we have managed to create a truly magnificent lifestyle of freedom and made it sustainable for the past five years by choosing an alternative route to the traditional.

In this live webinar we'll take you through the step by step process that took us out of our mundane existence just working to pay the bills, all the way through to how we survived the Covid experience and future-proofed our life and business.

DATE: You Just Missed it - watch the replay

** No backpacking ** No camping ** No being frugal ** No selfies required **

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Wouldn't you rather these office views?

Are you done with the mundane?


    • feeling like there's got to be more to life


    • tired of working long hours tied to a desk


    • feel stuck in the traditional rat race rut


    • have a business but have no spare time


    • want more holidays than you currently get


    • have an empty nest and wondering what next


    • dream of full-time world travel but don't know how


    • wish you were already retired so that you could just go


Then let us show you how you can live the benefits of your retirement lifestyle now while you're still young enough to enjoy it

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