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F-Club - Financial Freedom through Travelling in your Fifties

If travelling the world comfortably NOW in your fifties while building your financial freedom and secure future interests you then this group is for you.

Inside this paid membership group (which I am currently offering free to founding members) you'll have access to all the tools and resources you need to make this lifestyle I've been living for seven years now, your reality (or your unique version of it).

Let me guide you to creating the lifestyle you want, the freedom you want, and the income you want without having to work a million hours and all while saving money travelling this beautiful world.

As a founding member you get to ask for exactly what resources you need and be a part of guiding the foundations of this group.

While I've grown my retirement nest egg, I've also been visiting exotic locations, immersing myself in different cultures, and enjoying mouth watering food and life experiences I used to only dream about. I want this lifestyle for you!

There's never been a better time to create a new kind of normal!

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So, what is the F-Club?

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    It's the place you go to find your inner 'TRAVELLER'

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    It's your inspiration

    The place where you'll be inspired to discover new locations, cultures and experiences, and you'll find great leaders, and inspire others as well

  • F Club Logo (1)

    It's your cheer squad

    Standing beside you, ready and waiting to cheer you on and remind you of what you are capable of

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    It's your playground

    Where you get to ask about new things, and practice being curious, without ever being judged or ridiculed

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    It's your travel buddy

    Or the travel buddy you wish you had. There to give you guidance, recommendations and a hug or shoulder to lean on when you need it the most

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    It's a community

    A community of women who, just like you, are ready to live a travel lifestyle comfortably and without using their savings.

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    It's your magic handbag

    Filled with the tools and resources you need to travel comfortably and help you handle any situation confidently and calmly

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    It's your sisterhood

    Women empowering women and working together to change the worlds opinions, beliefs, systems, and actions about travel and life in your fifties

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    It's where I hang out

    I'm in the Club chatting to members, answering questions and providing inspiration, advice and support regularly

As an F-Club founding member:

Together we'll create your UNIQUE ESCAPE ROUTE to help you escape the high cost of living, the overwhelm, the feeling stuck, and the stress.

Then you'll receive the support and guidance you need to implement your ESCAPE PLAN and begin to live your new lifestyle. Plus how to sustain it and continue to grow your financial freedom.

And the good news is you'll be able to do it without backpacking, using your savings, or taking endless selfies (not that there's anything wrong with that!). 

Travel Savings Tips

Plenty of tips and tricks to help you save $$ on your travel flights, transport and accommodation bookings plus upgrades to put you in a more luxurious option.

Financial Freedom

Financial strategies that have enabled people to create their financial security while travelling and without going without.

Making money online

Kowing exactly how much you'll need (this will surprise you!) and the different ways you can create that income that don't require selfies.

Uncover your travel personality

Knowing your travel personality inside and out and exactly the type of travel you want to do is paramount for your success.

Location, Locations, Locations

Tips and guides on the best locations to live and travel to, the best time of year to go, and visas, health insurance and cultural differences.

The mistakes to avoid

All the things you really shouldn't do if you want your new travel lifestyle to be a success and stress free for you.

What will be expected of you:

As a founding member of the F-Club in return for getting free lifetime membership you'll be expected to:

  1. Give constructive and genuine feedback on products, services and resources.
  2. Request resources to help you to achieve your financial freedom travel lifestyle
  3. Make suggestions for topics, products or services you and other members might need.
  4. Provide support, encouragement and suggestions for other members.
  5. Always be kind, positive, empowering and supportive. 

About Tegan Marshall

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Tegan Marshall at the beach in Australia while travelling as a digital nomad
live webinar by tegan marshall thanks page image of laptop lifestyle

There's really nothing special about me.

I don't have any magical skills. I'm just an ordinary person who got tired of the financial stress due to the high cost of living in my home country (Australia).

I didn't want to have to wait until I retired before I got the opportunity to start living my dream travel lifestyle.

I wanted to find an easier way to live where I worked less, stressed less, and enjoyed life more.

In the beginning, I didn't think it was possible. After all, I'm not twenty something anymore and like my creature comforts. I don't like backpacking. I'm too shy to become an influencer and I'm not a fan of MLM.

But now seven years on I've proven it to be the best decision I've ever made!

I've paid off a huge amount of debt, saved more $$ into my retirement fund than ever before, and bought a 700 year old house in Italy as an investment home.

Now I want to share with as many people as I can to show you that there's a different way to live.

A life of freedom from stress, overwhelm, long hours, and the mundane. A life where you don't need a holiday to escape from your current reality because it's just so darn good every day.

There's never been a better time
to create your new kind of normal

F-Club is for you if you:

  • feeling like there's got to be more to life
  • tired of working 9-5 for someone else
  • Had enough of the same four walls
  • feel stuck in the traditional rat race rut
  • want more vacations than you currently get
  • have an empty nest and wondering what next
  • dream of full-time world travel but don't know how
  • wish you were already retired so you could be free

Leave all this behind and experience the benefits of a retirement lifestyle, while you're still young enough to enjoy it.

Turn your dream into reality

If you spend your days dreaming of far-off lands but don't want to jeapordise your retirement, and definitely don't want to backpack, blog, or become an influencer to turn your dream of a freedom lifestyle into reality then the F-Club is for you!

I'm turning my experience of seven years of traveling the globe full-time, plus the two years of preparation before that, into online resources so that you can prepare your life and income to travel the world stress-free and comfortably.

Not for the twenty-somethin's

F-Club has been designed by women in their fifties for women in their fifties. So you won't see any 'living off the smell of an oily rag' stories here. That's not what it's about.

It's for the woman who wants to enjoy her fifties, while working as little as possible, and earning enough $$ to comfortably pay for her travel lifestyle AND save for her retirement.

It's all about living life to the fullest NOW comfortably, slow paced trave;, and not using your savings!

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