Virtual Tour of Tuscany

The live virtual tour of Tuscany has been already but you can still watch the recording. So grab a vino and a pizza and be transferred to the breathtakingly beautiful region of Tuscany, Italy. We will share our driving adventures, history, tourist attractions and secret locations. Starting in Florence, then down to Lucca, on to the famous Pisa, then San Gimignano, Sienna and a little gem called Palaia. 

The Live Virtual Tour was on Thursday, watch the REPLAY

Watch the REPLAY

Here's what you'll get to experience

Order online your favourite bottle of chianti and settle in for an hour of everything Tuscany has to offer. The cuisine, the people, the countryside, the vineyards and olive trees. Let yourself reminisce or dream of future travels as we guide you through some of our favourite Tuscan towns.

A virtual tour of Tuscany

Let us take you on a visual journey through the roving hills and cypress lined roads, the quintessential vineyards and olive trees that are renowned for making Tuscany what it is.

Cuisine, Culture, and People

As we dive into the details of what make Tuscany such a favourite location for so many people we will share everything we can from culinary experiences through to the the flora.

Laugh at our mishaps

Driving in Tuscany, in fact, all of Italy was quite the experience. We hope you will laugh along with us as we share some of the mishaps and adventures that created such fond memories.

The opportunity to interact

We invite you to join in, ask questions, add comments and share experiences you've had of Tuscany & share your passion for this location with other like-minded people.

An escape from reality

Our intention is to give you the opportunity to escape from the doom and gloom that is our current reality. To forget about it all for a bit & lose yourself while we take you on a virtual journey.

Keep your passion for travel ignited

This terrible virus will be a thing of the past eventually and in the meantime, for those of you who love to travel, we hope this helps to keep your passion for travel ignited.

About your hosts

Tegan And Clark In Southern France Inspiring Courage To Travel

About Tegan Marshall

Tegan and her husband Clark have been traveling the globe in luxury for the past five years after deciding to turn their bricks and mortar business online, minimise their belongings, and reduce their living costs so they could experience the benefits of traveling before they were too old to enjoy it.

They are currently riding out the Coronavirus period on the Caribbean ocean in southern Mexico and using this time to support others to escape their reality and keep their passion for travel ignited.

Christine Klemens And Tegan Marshall

About Christine Klemens

Christine currently resides in beautiful downtown Byron Bay, Australia. Byron is a hub of earthy creativity and natural innovation and is especially supportive of artists, designers, and healthy living.

Christine has had a long-standing passion with travel and a deep-set connection to Italy which has always held a special place in her heart. In fact, her previous home and B&B was named Casa Del Mare (house by the sea). Christine is also Tegan's beautiful mum.

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