The Wandering Wedding Dress Diary

"Because every girl deserves to be a princess for more than one day in their life"

How & why the wandering wedding dress diary began

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The wandering wedding dress diary came about because I didn't know what to do with my wedding dress after the wedding day's (yes, there were two!)

During the pre-wedding year, there were times when I wasn't even sure I would even have a wedding dress on the day.

Pieced together with material from four countries, floods, volcano's, sweat, stress, love and tears. I certainly wasn't about to trash my dress.

And it seemed a waste to have my beautiful wedding dress packed up in a box and put into a cupboard (or in my case, a storage unit), never to be seen again.

But I had to do something because we were about to board a plane to resume our travelling the world lifestyle again.

It was then I had a crazy idea to challenge tradition by asking the question, "why should I only wear this beautiful dress for one day?"

What if I took it with me and had it photographed all over the world in our favourite locations we are visiting on our honeymoon year?

And the wandering wedding dress diary was born!

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Being a visual person myself I've chosen to share the wandering wedding dress images primarily on Instagram and the juicy details here in the blogs.

So...if you want to overload on wedding dress pics then head on over to my Instagram account and if you want more of the juicy details, then read on below.

Photographers & Media

If you are a photographer and would like to connect about the opportunity of photographing the wandering wedding dress at one of the future locations, or if you are a journalist and would like to run a story on the wandering wedding dress diary then please get in touch with me here.


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